Many a times, it has been observed that birth control pills cause breast enlargement or tenderness. Cyclical breast pain is common while you are taking contraceptive pills while on the other hand, a wide number of medical specialists recommend these pills to women suffering from breast pain in order to alter their hormonal cycles. However, anyone who seems to suffer from sore breasts, persistent pain and a lump on the breast area should seek for medical assistance at the earliest. Breast tenderness birth control pills, thus, have not been able to provide any convincing answer.

The use of birth control pills has been a common practice among people, or I would say women, of a particularly from 14 to 44 years of age. Of course, it has contributed a lot to the sexual health of women but at the same time it brings a handful of disadvantages along with many of its advantages. It is mostly advised to intake the FDA approved birth control pills. Moreover, women who are prone to certain allergies or health complications should stick to any particular variety of birth control pill that suits them or choose to take recommendation from a gynecologist. Intermenstrual spotting, mood changes and nausea along with miss period are some of the common symptoms of making you realise that your birth control pill has started causing its effect inside you. Breast tenderness is another very important cause among them. Birth control pills tend to cause breast enlargement or tenderness. It usually resolves a few weeks after you have started taking the pill. In case you see a lump on your breast or has been suffering from severe pain and discomfort, you must always prefer taking medical guidance as early as possible so as to avoid any serious issue. These are generally considered to be the common symptoms and effects of birth control pills. However, they subside in a while. It is mostly because these pills alter yoyr estrogen and protesterone levels in the body. If you see these effects to persist within you for too long, you can definitely choose to call for a medical professional.

In case your trouble is caused due to birth control pills, make sure that you visit your doctor of the breast tenderness exists for a longer span. Besides, you must also take a note about reducing the amount of caffeine and salt intake. All these tips would definitely help you to get a relief from your breast tenderness. Not just that, at the same time, you must also make sure that you wear a supportive bra or inner wear. Most of the cancer patients, among them, a huge number of women are suffering from breast cancer and in order to avoid that, wearing the right bra is a must. Also, you must take care that you are removing it before you are going on to bed for sleeping. Consulting a medical practitioner would be the best, no matter what!

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