Progressive Web Programs are also called PWAs will be the net apps that look and feel exactly like a native mobile app. It works on almost any browser if it’s either chrome, or both Samsung browser and important part is, no need to download the app. The same as a native mobile app, a PWA is exhibited on the site, from the program drawer; sends push alarms and incorporates into program settings.

The Notion of Progressive Web Apps

Google compared the best 1000 mobile programs vs. the top 1000 mobile app properties to examine the reach and user participation. According to the analysis, mobile web reach is far greater than the native app reach. It was 11.4 million unique visitors a month in comparison to 4 million people.

Whereas the stats of consumer involvement with services revealed that consumers tend to invest additional time on native mobile apps. It had been a mean of 188.6 minutes on program against 9.3 moments on the internet. So, the thought was apparent. They wanted to supply a native app like participating in experience to customers around the mobile web. In this manner, Progressive Web apps were created to provide amazing user experience online.

Progressive Web apps are exceptionally reactive, they auto-corrects the design in line with the gadget. Therefore, if it is a portable, tablet, notebook or desktop computer, PWAs will match any gadget.


PWAs are somewhat more protected compared to traditional web apps since they're always served through HTTPS. This helps to ensure that the program is tamper-proof and can't be vandalized.
An individual could rely on the Progressive web app because it may work offline. It is possible to support employees, a sort of internet employee. Konga, a top e-commerce site in Nigeria was able to decrease 92 percent of its consumer information utilization as a result of its Progressive Internet Program.

Looks and feels exactly like a Native app

It just looks and feels just like a native app and even offers similar features like push telling, integration using the machine, screen icon to the home screen and program drawer.


Using a PWA, the consumer can install the code with only 1 tap. This frictionless setup lets users appreciate service rather than installing the bulky native app. Among the most amazing characteristics of PWA is it is not difficult to upgrade. As there's no app shop that functions as a mediator, your customers may enjoy the upgraded program once you've upgraded it in your side.


Assessing Interest’s PWA using its Android and iOS applications, it's simply 150KB contrary to 9.6MB and 56MB respectively. Although PWAs work perfectly on the majority of the popular browsers likes Chrome, Opera and Samsung Internet it remains unsupported in browsers such as Safari.

Device Service

PWAs work perfectly on the majority of the android app but it's still unsupported with iOS apps. But, acknowledging the possible and prevalence of PWAs, it's theorized that Apple is working to make it accessible on iOS too. There's a listing of hardware functionalities that are still unsupported with PWAs. However, with the passage period, many hardware functionalities are made accessible the same as a native app. PWAs have proven effective in improving performance, reach and increase user participation.

Here are a few examples and case research from Google


Twitter has embraced PWA technologies to enhance mobile participation. The social networking giant has 328 million monthly active users all over the world, one of which 80% are users. They desired to function quicker support, lower information intake, provide powerful, dependable and much more engaging experience to the consumers and consequently developed the Twitter Lite Progressive web app.

And results are here –

75 percent boost in Tweets delivered.
65% rise in pages per session.
20 percent decline in bounce speed.
Decreased data intake up to 70 percent by optimizing the graphics.


Considering launch PWA, we have seen exponential growth in mobile conversion prices. The PWA helped us connect with more people on mobile and its mobile users that constitute the vast majority of our general audience.

BookMYShow is the biggest online ticketing company in India with over 50+ million yearly visitors. They detected an 80+ percent increase in buying tickets after creating the Progressive Web Program for the mobile internet.

And results are here-

BookMyShow has seen 80%+ growth in their conversion prices.
The PWA requires less than 2.94 minutes to load and empowers checkout within 30 minutes.
The dimensions of the PWA are 54x smaller compared to the Android app and 180x smaller compared to the iOS app.


To be able to boost this speed, they chose to develop PWA to their mobile network. It took 3 weeks to create the PWA Pinterest along with also the result led to several improvements for their small business.

And results are here

The average time spent has risen by 40 percent.
User-generated Ad revenue is up by 44 percent.
The advertisement click-through increased by 50 percent.
The center user participation elevated by 60 percent.

They created PWA to boost consumer participation, It enabled them to concentrate the information and data based on the user's taste and notify them via push telling. PWA has made their mobile experience quicker personalized, and agreeable.


OLX is among the greatest online classified advertisements platforms in India. It functions as a market to join the buyer and seller of used services and goods. To be able to give quick and effortless service to its customers, OLX chose to create a Progressive web app for their mobile internet because of this, they've seen some noteworthy improvements.

And results are here-

23 percent less time before a page is lively.
80% reduced bounce prices.
146% higher CTR on Advertising.
250 percent more re-engagement.


They wanted a fast and effortless way to continue the trades for their customers. Consequently, they created the PWA to supply app-like expertise to internet users.

Progressive Web apps have enormous potential and therefore are evolving the cell web landscape. Time will determine whether PWAs will take more than a native mobile app or not but it's established its distance from the mobile web.

When you have less funding for native app development yet you would like to offer a unified experience to program users, the entire PWA development cost is relatively lesser than native programs. Generally, the main issue with PWA is that the installation flow on iOS, but nobody knows the way to do this, you can just install a PWA from Safari.

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