First, let’s get one thing clear. Jesus of Nazareth DID NOT say the truth will set you free. Nope, he didn’t. What he is quoted as saying in John 8:32 is: And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. Very different. Way different.

So the task isn’t finding the truth. It’s knowing the truth. And how do you know the truth? You sense it in your body.

We’ve all had the experience of knowing when someone is lying to us—even if we just know it unconsciously. It’s a feeling of ickiness, of something’s not right, of something off. Knowing the truth is a cellular thing.

I read a quote recently from a book called In His Name. It read:

The truth that sets you free is the truth that you are free.

And it’s up to you and only you to decide that this is the case.

A month before my friend, Heather, died, she wrote a group email to all of us about her metastatic disease. Heather was not given to capital letters in emails but that one had three all-cap words assuring us that she was taking: MY OWN PATH. It struck me then, and it strikes me now that there really is only one path anyone can take. Their own.

You are free, dear one, always free to take your own path.

I read the following paragraph by Margaret Storz in Science of Mind magazine:

“Some of the Arthurian tales have said that when the Knights of the Roundtable sought the Holy Grail, they could not follow one another’s path because it rolled up behind them as they went forward—a sweet metaphor for suggesting that we must ultimately walk our own paths and not another’s.”

How perfect. The path rolls up behind us. No one can take the path that is our own to take. That path is always to follow the truth that we know. Always, no exceptions. We feel the truth in our wise, wonderful bodies when we let ourselves feel it.

When we follow the truth, we are free.

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