Sinus infections ruled Kit’s life. They determined if she was going to have a good day at work or if she was going to suffer with a headache. They determined if she could sing that night or if she was going to have a nasal voice. They determined if she was going to cough through the exam at school or if she would run out of tissues half-way through.

Her sinuses were congested all the time. She couldn’t breathe out of either side of her nose for any reason (except when she was taking a strong corticosteroid drug). There was no smelling the flowers, knowing if she liked the perfume her friend had given her at Christmas, or of liking the food as all food tasted bland. She snored, had bad breath all the time, and had the worst teeth she had ever known anyone to have.

And now she was wheezing and having trouble breathing.

It was the sinus infections, her doctor told her. The sinus infections never cleared, even with antibiotics; now the infected material went into her lungs and was causing lung problems.

The treatments: live with it and take medical drugs. “There was nothing that could be done otherwise.”

But Kit thought otherwise. She didn’t believe she was doomed to suffer with two chronic diseases for the rest of her life. After all, she was only 35.

Kit sought homeopathic care to answer her questions and to heal.


Kit was an individual who was troubled by the symptoms of sinus infection and asthma. When Kit was diagnosed medically, she was put into a category where treatment was given to all people who had the same diagnosis: antibiotics, inhaler and prednisone if needed.

But since Kit was not her diseases, she was a person who had symptoms of a disease; Kit needed to be treated as an individual, for only individualized medicine would help Kit heal.


What needed to be healed was not the disease, but the underlying reason for the disease: the Central Disturbance. All symptoms are a sign of the imbalance in the core of the person. Symptoms will disappear once the Central Disturbance is healed.

In each person, there is a common reason for all the symptoms that happen in their health and life; this is the Central Disturbance. It is like looking through a pair of yellow sunglasses—everything you see will be tinted yellow.

The same is true for a belief within a person. Everything the person sees and does is tainted by the belief—that belief is what needs to be discovered and healed. Knowledge of this belief is the key to healing; for without it, healing cannot occur.


Healing will occur once the cause of the symptoms is removed. The cause is usually the Central Disturbance held deep within a person. The majority of the time it is a perception of the person and his/her world.


The place of healing is the person’s Central Disturbance. Signs and symptoms of a disease are the body’s voice telling what is wrong and how to help the body heal.


For true healing to occur, the Central Disturbance must be found and removed. Only by removing the cause of the symptoms will healing of the “diseases” occur.


Those trained in classical homeopathy look for the Central Disturbance; homeopathic remedies help the healing at that point. An example will best illustrate this concept (a consolidated interview to conserve space—only key points are noted).

D: Doctor
K: Kit

D: Tell me about your sinuses.

K: They drive me nuts! I can’t do anything. They make me so tired all day long and I can’t get anything done.

D: How does it feel to “not get anything done?”

K: It’s frustrating. I need to get things done each day. I need to be productive.

D: What happens if you don’t feel productive?

K: I don’t make money if I don’t work.

D: How does it feel when you don’t make money?

K: I have to make money!

D: Tell me more about this.

K: You need money to survive, to pay the bills. I’ll lose my home if I don’t have money to pay the bills. My whole life depends upon my making money.

D: In what way does your life depend upon your making money?

K: The kids won’t be able to go to college. My husband will have to work more hours. We won’t eat. Everything.

D: Tell me about your job.

K: [laughs] I hate my job, but it pays good money. But they need me, they really do. I do so much for them and I always pick up extra shifts. I guess I’m a workaholic.

D: Tell me about being needed.

K: I work real hard to be needed, to be indispensable. When I start a new job, I work really hard and show them that they can’t fire me without losing something really important.

D: Tell me more about this.

K: It’s like doing everything and waiting for others to get lax in what they do so then they see that they need you because they like that they don’t have to do too much. They won’t get rid of you then because they know they’ll have to do the work again if they did.

D: And if they do fire you?

K: [angry] I hate them and do everything I can to make their lives miserable and regret their decision.

D: Tell me more about this.

K: You work your [profanity] off for them and they turn around and abandon you, just kick you out without any respect or concern with how you’ll survive. I did everything for them and they treated me like [profanity].

D: Explain being “abandoned.”

K: Abandoned means being alone. I hate being alone. I think all the time that my husband will die or leave and take the kids with him. I really don’t like to be alone.

D: How does “alone” feel to you?

K: I need someone to talk to, to share things with. If I’m alone, I have no one to do things with. It’s like I don’t exist. There’s no one to validate my existence I guess.

D: Tell me more about “not existing.”

K: It’s like I’m dead. To me, dead and not existing are the same thing.

Kit needed people to need her so that she would not be abandoned, not be alone, for she felt being alone was equal to being dead. Her Central Disturbance, then, was she needed people so that she would feel like she existed, so she worked hard to make sure no one would abandon her. Hence, she worked many hours, made sure she was invaluable at work and home, and hence was miserable in her efforts.

Once the Central Disturbance was found, the right homeopathic remedy could be applied to heal. The physical symptoms as well as the emotional turmoil she felt were removed. Healing occurred.

Homeopathy is knowledge, and knowledge is freedom. Freedom from suffering and freedom from disease…FREE TO BE HEALTHY.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ronda

Disclaimer: The information provided by Dr. Ronda Behnke Theys is for educational purposes only. It is important that you not make health decisions or stop any medication without first consulting your personal physician or health care provider.

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