General knowledge covers a vast area of information. The current affairs we come across every day, get settled in the form of general knowledge. They can be about anything, ,from our national symbols to the information on nuclear power plants. General knowledge helps you understand not only your country better, but the entire world in its entirety. You can take up any job, or any career field, you will require a good knowledge of the current affairs. Lack in information regarding the current affairs of India will act as a hindrance in your workplace and also your personal growth. GK is vital not only because it provides us with information, but mainly because it helps us to understand the world better. You can become a more active citizen of your country or take part in ongoing protests and rallies, only if your general awareness level is high.

We all want to learn different facts, in accordance to our interests. Thus, somewhere down the line, we all resort to the general knowledge to gain more information on our favourite sport star or the movies we love to watch etc. However, in today's times, it is not sufficient to gain general knowledge for entertainment purposes. One must extract more information and gain expertise in a wider range. This means, you need to know more in order to gain better communication with the world you live in. In a country like India, where there are so many cultural diversities and groups, there is so much to learn about. India is well known for its cultures and traditions, and there are still many people who are not even aware of their national symbol. More than being a shameful thing, it is something that deteriorates our personal growth. Our lack of general awareness level makes us vulnerable beings and soft targets in this world full of dangers and ill practices.

Our professional and academic life also gets adversely affected if we lack the basic knowledge of general affairs. You cannot survive any competitive exam if you do not have the sufficient knowledge on the general affairs. Also, in order to contribute majorly to any field, your theories must be practical in application, which you can also test if you have a good general knowledge.

You can have textual knowledge and score well in a written exam. However, if you need to reach the apex of success, you need to do the simple task of keeping yourself updated wih the general affairs.

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