Your employees are the most important resource for you as an employer. More precisely, the knowledge and experience of these employees. It should therefore be in your interest that employees do not keep their information for themselves, but make it available to the entire workforce. This is exactly what a corporate wiki is for.

In a wiki, you can enter, collect, and share all relevant information with others - and much more! Structure your information sensibly - so that it can be found again quickly and intuitively.

A wiki is a backbone for your knowledge management. Creating, networking, and expanding knowledge - a wiki offers the ideal platform for this. Because information is not only stored but can also be communicated and networked with one another in many ways. This creates real and sustainable knowledge.

Making information available and above all easy to find is one of the main strengths of a wiki. Instead of searching through emails or documents, again and again, your team can get answers from the wiki at any time - and within a very short time. Because the structure, search function, tags and much more make it particularly easy to find information.

Linking content with each other is an essential factor in increasing knowledge. In a wiki, you have many options for linking information across departments.

With a wiki, your employees can spread new knowledge quickly and extensively. Meeting minutes, trade fair reports, There is a place for everything in the wiki. Your team learns together and everyone benefits from each individual's experience. So that nobody misses anything, there are individually configurable dashboards, notifications, and much more.

Is the content scattered on file servers and difficult to find? Not anymore! From now on you will work together on pages in a wiki - a big step towards transparency and more effective work.

Providing the right information to the right person at the right time will be a business-critical challenge in the years to come, given the constantly increasing availability of data, documents, and multimedia content. To meet these challenges successfully, the use of semantic technologies and tools is essential.

The software solutions, also known as a corporate wiki, are used for operational knowledge management. All knowledge within a company is stored in a central location, the wiki. There it can be structured, for example, according to departments, projects, or topics.

Every employee has free access to the wiki within the scope of their authorization. The most important thing, however, is that they not only find information there but also enter the information themselves. Because a corporate wiki is only as good as the information it conveys.

The corporate wiki is an intranet solution that serves as the first point of contact for employees and networks them with one another. It not only stores the knowledge of a company but also serves as a communication and discussion platform.

It sometimes replaces internal e-mail communication and makes unsorted network drives superfluous. In the wiki, for example, you can find out about ongoing projects, general responsibilities, rules, standards, and regulations.

A company wiki has many advantages if it is professionally integrated into day-to-day operations and accepted by employees. For this to be successful, they should be included in knowledge management from the start.

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A corporate wiki, also known as an internal or private wiki, operates as a central repository for maintaining and sharing all company knowledge and information.