“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever,” these words from Mahatma Gandhi have been a motivation for individuals who want to keep learning, who want to explore, experience, and grow in their career and life. However, not all professionals can have access to conventional means of learning mainly due to time constraints. That’s where eLearning platforms came into the picture.
Established by Co-founders, Amol Shinde and Ashutosh Joshi in 2016, Knowzies Technologies has been diligent in providing value-based services to its clients. And moving forward with the same motto the company is ready to expand its operations in the post-pandemic era by focusing on delivering added value to its customers, partners, as well as employees.

Read the following interview with Insights Success a business magazines india to know how Knowzies Technologies has made a mark in the eLearning space, the leaders’ views on the global eLearning space, and the company’s plans to embrace the future opportunities to provide better services to its clients.

Kindly mention in detail Knowzies Technologies.

Knowzies is the leading learning technology solutions company focused on delivering the best, innovative, custom eLearning solutions globally.

What is the current industrial scenario of the global e-learning market space?

Post pandemic the global demand for self-paced/eLearning has increased. Especially in the corporate sector since physical training is not an option, demand for online training has suddenly increased. We are seeing almost demand to grow double-digit than last year.

How is technology complimenting e-learning in the broader spectrum?

The use of technology to deliver e-Learning is the key factor. Especially the deep penetration of the internet, mobiles, and easy access to content has helped to boost eLearning a lot.

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