With the arrival of foreign tourists in large numbers in South Korea, time now has ripened for the government to modernize and streamline such popular recreational activities like bullfighting, horse racing, casinos, and lottery that fall within the purview of the speculative industry.

All these activities fall within the ambit of online betting or online gambling which is a major source of recreation in a large number of countries world over.

In 2009, the South Korea banned online gambling and sport betting as it gave surges to the online gambling. The smartphone, internet, and other modes of telecommunication were held primarily responsible and reason behind the surges in online betting or gambling.

The South Korea is yet to legalize the online betting though a large number of countries where tourism industry is flourishing have given legal shape to it to promote further growth in the tourism industry aimed at luring increased number of foreigners to come there 바카라사이트.

In South Korea, each of such popular activities like bullfighting, horse racing, casinos, and lottery requires a license from the concerned enforcement agency before they could operate in them.

Since the tourism industry in South Korea now has began to flourish with the arrival of a large number of foreign tourists, it is time that the government of South Korea wakes up to the need of a rethinking it broadening the scope of licensing thus making it business friendly.

Subsequently, issuance of licenses in these recreational and tourism-oriented areas must be liberalized.

How Did South Korea Manage Speculative Industry So Far?

In 2007, the South Korea set up the Audit Committee to go into the prospect of such online betting activities which studied if it could promote online gambling and casino by giving a semi-industry status to it. The Audit Committee, however, was handicapped with limited powers.

As a result, it could not accord the semi-industry status to such online betting activities. Subsequently, the South Korean government established the illegal gambling monitoring centre to further keep a tab on illegal gambling and betting within its territory.

Another organization, Korea Gambling Problem Management Center, also founded to act as a supportive institution that helps people refrain the online gambling 바카라사이트추천.

The Conclusion

Now, with the influx of thousands of foreign tourists within the nation, the time has come to rejig the institution. The authority has to also take into account about the foreigners’ participation in such games.

Higher the participation the greater is the chance of addiction. If required, the authority should charge a fee for prevention and healing charges from Casino-addicted people who need mental healing.

As per Casino law (Article 146), Casino operators also have to pay 5% of the profits to the concerned authority. This rate hasn’t been revised in the last 15 years!

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