The term content marketing refers to all those online activities that are undertaken by business organizations or individuals that would help them engage and persuade their target audience to purchase their products or services. Normally, how it works is that marketers use or create content that is valuable for their target audience that would benefit their audience and use this information or content to alter their behavior that would be desirable or benefitting for the business organization or brand.

Reasons for using content marketing:

The use of content marketing is a highly result driven strategy that is used by brands and the results achieved by content marketing can be higher conversion rates, increase in lead generation and a higher volume of web traffic. It is very important for content marketers to be able to measure their performance and analyze the results they are getting after the marketing activities they are performing on digital platforms. The best to do it is by using detailed analytics platforms that will not only give you results of your content marketing but also you will be able to get information about the strengths and weaknesses in your content by finding out what kind of content is getting more attention.

Marketing KPIs:

The simplest definition of a KPI (key performance indicator) is that a KPI is a tool, a metric which is used to measure or evaluate the factors that are significant for the success of a business organization. These performance indicators vary on various aspects of a business organization. You can understand this better with an example, a KPI for marketing may be the generation of sales revenue or lead generation where as a department like HR may be concerned with employee turnover rates.

The most critical KPIs that should be known by all content marketers are as follows:


Volume of Web traffic:

The basic knowledge and understanding about the demographics of your website traffic can help you create content that would reach more people making your content more influential. Also when you analyze what segment of your target audience is affected most by your content you can use it to your advantage. Using these analytics you can also increase you content’s reach and increase your audience. Another advantage of knowing about your traffic volume is that you can use different techniques that will help you increase your traffic volume such as SEO. Most marketers are even noticed to hire a Wikipedia page creator to create wiki pages to drive traffic to their web pages and rank better in search engine results.


Weakest and strongest aspect of your content:

Having knowledge about the content that is being liked or disliked by your target audience is a gold mine for content marketers. This knowledge can help them work on their weaknesses and strengths helping them make the most out of their content. Using this you can identify your best landing pages and your best exit pages.


Effectiveness of your content:

Alright, so you now have the knowledge about how many people are visiting your web pages and what age or gender they belong to. You even know how much time they are spending on your page but how is that information going to help you in increasing your conversion rates? So, this is a way where you can find out how effective your content is and the most effective type of content you have can be used more to increase the conversion of your web traffic to becoming your customers. This knowledge will directly help you create content that will help you increase your sales revenue.

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Umair Sami is a SEO, and Digital Marketer who knows how to excel in every domain. He is currently working as a marketing expert in the reputable company which is a combination of his academic degree and his passion of Search Engine Optimization. He worked his way through many internships as an SEO in the early stages of his career and now works as a manager in the company.