Storage space is one of the most important aspects that are considered when moving into an office or home. This therefore means that priority is given to installing high quality yet elegant cabinets or cupboards in whatever kind of building we may want to occupy. KraftMaid is one of the leading companies that have been in business for decades, providing high quality cabinets for offices and homes. These cabinets can be installed in various rooms and come in a variety of colors and styles as per your preference. The unique aspect of KraftMaid cabinets is that the company that manufactures them has an environment-conscious perspective business, in that they build their cabinets using nature-friendly manufacturing practices that aim to reduce the waste caused by remodeling and design. The cabinets are made from different types of wood like as hickory, birch, oak, maple or cherry and thermo foil is applied to the surfaces. In addition, they offer finishing touches that vary as well as stains which eventually give it a better overall appearance and feel.
The stains come in different colors such as green, black, brown or white.
Furthermore, the KraftMaid cabinets can be easily upgraded in a variety of ways which include glass inserts, crown moldings at the top, decorative feet, lighting as well as pulls and handles. The upgrades can be added for both practical and decorative purposes. KraftMaid cabinets are easy to install because you need a few tools like an electric drill, a level, masking tape, a measuring tape and some wooden shims that are easy to obtain from a local hardware shop. When you have these tools, then all you need to follow a few simple rules that include; setting the cabinet up on the portion of the floor where you want it to sit, then using the masking tape to mark out the layout of the cabinet while writing labels on the masking tape to identify measurements and other details. It is advisable that you disengage the doors as well as the drawers of the cabinet to make it easier to work on its interior sections and you can easily clamp them all together this way. In addition, use the level to determine if the floor is slanted in any way so that you can perform the installation process accordingly.
The wooden shims are then used to help level the cabinets, which are marked with chalk or tapes on the wall studs as a guide to where to drill later. Drill a hole through the mounting rail in the cabinet all the way through the cabinet towards the wooden studs, and then use the screws to set the cabinet in place. Finally, put the drawers and doors you removed earlier back in place.
The process of cleaning KraftMaid cabinets is also hassle free as all you need is dish soap, oil soap, water and cleaning rags or towels. Wipe the cabinet surfaces with a damp cloth sprinkled with dish soap and let the cabinets dry, then wipe then again with a damp cloth this time with oil sap applied on it. Also, thorough cleaning can be done by performing the same process on the inside drawers and inside the cabinets at least once in every 6 months.
Overall, it is important that you apply the solvents to the cleaning cloth instead of directly to the cabinet itself and do not leave the solvent-dampened cloth on the cabinet for too long either, as this can cause staining and other damage on it. KraftMaid cabinets are both practical as well as visually appealing in any home or office.

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