The popularity of kratom has been on the rise, thanks to the health benefits it delivers. As a natural alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals, this herbal plant’s demand has been experiencing a similar trajectory all over the globe. Users mostly turn to it in an effort to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. People also use it as an energy booster in order to help overcome general exhaustion and even fatigue.

Kratom is available in various forms and it can be consumed in many ways. However, there are two most common methods of consuming them that are readily available: powder and capsules. You can buy kratom pretty easy if you want to consume it in those manners. Both forms of kratom have its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Without further ado, let us compare the capsule and powder forms so that you can find out which one works better for you.

Pros and Cons

Let us weigh the pros and cons of the two for a quick overview. This should give you a rough idea of how they differ.

Kratom Capsules Pros

Kratom capsules are the ideal choice for people who want convenience more than anything. In particular, the large capsules come with a lot of powdered kratom in a single capsule. This form also allows for great control over the dosage as the user is free to choose between different capsules depending on their needs and preferences. Capsules are also perfect in situations where it would be difficult to prepare the powdered form. Moreover, capsules tend to oxidize more slowly in comparison to the powder and thus deliver a better experience.

Kratom Capsules Cons

Capsules may not be ideal for people who have difficulties swallowing pills. This can be a major problem as one may need to ingest multiple capsules to achieve their desired dose. Capsules may also limit the amount that gets absorbed into the body, especially if kratom gets trapped in the capsule’s gelatin. Moreover, people who consume it via capsule may take longer to experience the full effect given that they take time before they are absorbed into the body.

Kratom Powder Pros

Kratom powder tends to act quicker than the capsule form. You can mix it with any beverage of your choice or consume it as a tea, which can provide a very calming and relaxing experience. As a result, powdered is generally the preferred form of Kratom of users. Consuming Kratom in powdered form also reduces wastage as it eliminates the potential of keratin getting stuck in the capsule gunk.

Kratom Powder Cons

A major drawback of powdered Kratom is the flavor. Its unpleasant and bitter flavor make it undesirable for many users. Also, it may take extra time to prepare, especially if you want to conceal the disagreeable flavor of the herb.

Kratom Powder Vs Kratom Capsules

This time, let us take a closer look at different aspects and factors involved in both of them. Comparing them side by side will give you more insight into what they have to offer.


The capsules can be used directly and they do not need to be prepared at all. It is easy to consume with water and it is even possible to dry swallow it if you prefer. The powder, on the other hand, cannot be used right away as it has to be mixed with either water or some other beverage.


The quality of the kratom capsules depends on the quality of the powder inside it. Meanwhile, you can easily assess the quality of the powder through its texture. As a rule of thumb, the finer it is the higher the quality. However, you will need to break the capsule to truly assess its quality.


More kratom strains are available in powder format whereas only a few are readily available in the form of capsules.


Overall, there is no definitive “right” type of kratom. What works for you will mainly depend on your preferences and needs. If you prefer to experience the instant effect of this great herb, the powder may be ideal for you. On the other hand, the capsule may be ideal for those that want the effect to last longer and have little time for preparation. Keep in mind that there are other forms to consider as well so do not limit yourself to these two!

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