Sir Benjamin Franklin hit the nail when he said you’d “better go to bed supperless, than to rise in debt.” Sadly, a lot many people in Turkey are yet to realize the truth of this statement. How many times have you been tempted by the sales person’s plea of no interest payment, special discount etc? Sound luring isn’t it? It is indeed, until it is time for the debt collection agency to come knocking down your house asking for its money. An age old proverb asks people from staying away from things that seem to be too true to believe. After all your grandmama cannot be wrong with her age old wisdom!

A report by Garanti Bank, Turkey’s largest provider of credit card has announced that the Turkish people use the credit card for more than 30 per cent of their purchases. Sadly, we aren’t as financially literate as the credit card companies, and are hence subject to a lot of charges; sometimes hidden and sometimes overt. This has resulted in almost 3.7 million people becoming delinquent cardholders. Out of these some 6.9 per cent of card holders are at least 90 days delinquent. As on 2010, there were 45 million credit cards in circulation. Considering the fact that the government warns that unemployment rates are likely to go up, the number of delinquent card holders is sure to go up.

Not many know that it is possible to get rid of credit card debts with a little research. Here are a few steps to ensure to keep a tab on your credit card debt:

Stop Using: The biggest problem with credit card users is to control the urge to use them. Save one for emergencies, but cut up unwanted and unused credit cards. But be careful, or you might affect your credit rating. The best policy is to want not, and hence waste not!

There are several consumer friendly consultancies where it is possible to settle credit card installment plans. These companies like Kredi Kartı Taksitlendirme aka KKBT can help people to get rid of their credit card debts. The process too is simple and easy to understand. All that you need to do to clear your debt is to sign up through them and fill out an application form that states the amount of debt that you owe and details of the creditor to whom you owe. These consultants would then clear off your debt, and the total amount that is owed along with their commission is then redeemed through 12 installments from the debtor. Banks usually charge as high as 30 interest rates on your debt. Doesn’t it make sense to use the low interest rates of these companies and clear off your debt?

As a part of its measures to improve debt, the BDDK or the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency had disallowed credit card users to withdraw cash if they failed to pay at least 50 per cent of their due for three consecutive months. Kredi Kartı Borcu Taksitlendirme aka KKBT is an excellent way to ensure that you stay away from the strict measures introduced by banks and the government to penalize debtors.

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