Kriya Pranayama is cleaning your aura and chakras

Kriya Yoga, particularly Kriya pranayama is purging your energy system in your light body as well as purifying and healing your physical body. Kriya Yoga therefore should only be practiced in combination with the rules of life for a truly spiritual life to fully support the powerful cleaning and healing action of this sacred technique. These life principles are practical portion of Kriya Yoga and should be followed rigorously by anyone practicing Kriya Yoga or any other likewise potent technique aspiring at God union.

When you utilize a potent acid-based cleansing agent to a clear sink in your house - nothing happens at all ! When you employ the same cleanup agent to a choked sink, it begins to bubble and boil and foam. You see ample potent and sometimes dangerous action by the cleanser. Such is the consequence of Kriya Yoga. Utilized in the body of a angel no consequences because a holy man is God realized and thus pure. However when used in the body of a self minded individual, lots of effects or side-effects may be experienced.

An ordinary body of a mortal on earth is full of karma and low grade energies that need to be changed into higher vibe or taken out of your energy system. This is done in your body by using pure love from God during your Kriya pranayama practice session. Learn to rigorously comply all life principles and open yourself for God more during this divine refining process. This means you first need extra time for Kriya Yoga, meditation and spiritual life. More time means several hours a day at least or maybe even retreat from regular life for a few months or longer and go to a vacation spot some where in a natural environment, a mountain region, woods, jungle, island, be as far as possible alone and spend more time with God in mind and heart.

Passing quality time for God in mother nature will speed up and facilitate your advancement and make refining of body, mind and soul smooth. To exercise Kriya Yoga while being fully active in the material world of money and industrial employment is nearly impossible. However it is possible, but you will need to arrange rigorous priorities in life. If you are serious about spiritual advancement. then do your daily work then spend the rest of the day for the common and social spiritual welfare of all in need as well as for your true spiritual advance and spiritual practices.

A spiritual retreat for a few months every now and then is most beneficial and recommended to all serious God-seekers. There are many natural places on this planet where you can spend months and live mostly on what nature is offering you. You also may find several ashrams and or Christian monasteries that are open to ALL God-seekers independent of their faith to provide protection and tranquility awhile and allow spiritual progress to take place in a peaceful and shielded surroundings. In the sacred custom of India however people mostly move into Himalaya or into jungle far off from civilization to have their time with God and meditation. The reward of this method: It always is totally free and anyone can afford it. Some ashrams or Christian monasteries sustained by generous contributions can afford to have invitee without giving any donation too. Wish to God for direction and help, and God shall bring you to the best suited solution for your particular situation.

The purpose of nature on earth is to heal. To heal the planet and all life, including all humans as well as all animal life. Nature creates and maintains balance of life force on our planet. Use the God made healing potential to cleanse and heal your aura and refill your life force after a hard working day. The best solution always is to live and work amidst clean wild nature. Daily extended exposure in nature will substantially assist you in your Kriya Yoga practice. Always spend one or more hours amidst nature before starting your Kriya Yoga practice.

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Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son and creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love since 1997. A website about God and Love with teachings on Kriya Yoga meditation to free kundalini in a natural lifestyle amidst and in harmony with God made beautiful nature. Online teachings include living from organic farm and surrounded by beautiful flowers and a loving strong community. Learn about the healing power of nature and use God's gift of love to improve love and happiness in a happy marriage.