A new drug is already terrorizing Russia and some European countries with it's devastating effects.

This drug has the capability of killing a person in just 1 year, many users present devastating effects by just the first 2 months of use.

Imagine the most messed up junkie you've ever seen, now that's nothing...

Krokodil has the potential to literally eat your flesh out. The highly irritating chemicals contained in this fatal designer drug, makes it looks like something from a horror film or a zombie movie.

What's needed to make Krokodil is "desomorphine", which is synthesized from codeine, a pain killer sold without prescription in mostly any drugstore in Russia.
The process of acquiring the base drug is what makes it highly destructive. Usually average people don't have access to all the professional materials from a lab so when attempting to synthesizes it, they use gasoline, iodine, clorhidric acid, and the phosphorus found in match boxes.

The final substance is highly irritating and soon the body part that receives the dosis will become necrotic tissue, leaving place to gangrene and other infections.

Same as the heroine, Krokodil is highly addictive from the very first try, as the desomorphine is nearly ten times stronger than morphine.

Here are some videos which are quite graphic so the viewer's disctretion is adviced.
Not suitable for children. Or without parent supervision.


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