I am the White Priestess, Mother Mary. Connected in the deepest depth with Sangitar's aspects I speak the loving word that has a healing effect on you, to you.

At that time when I was on Earth we were a community of priestesses and gave Jesus Christ confidence and comfort. Thus I now give you the same confidence, embed you in my light of security. I envelop you and connect you beyond the veil with the healing spirit of omnipotence. I bring you the radiant power and I touch you in the depth of your soul. For you feel the touch more than any word. For this energy gives you the security and the confidence. Confidence in a better life when the high point of the ascension has taken place. But also in a better life now, here in the duality, full of love, humanity, health, abundance, security and peace. All that is behind each word I express. Let this energy shine on you.

A second Holy Grail will be kindled. This is a message that is overwhelming, for it shows that very much has happened within your time. Such a kindling means so much more than you can imagine. In the Holy Grail ANASTRAL of Healing there is also cell renewal, healing, the pillars of the priesthood, the new technology, trust. This will have a significant effect when I work in Sangitar's body as walk-in shortly. They are the miracles that are shown as being possible when you open your limitations and allow these miracles. But we look at the collective that has gathered here. And we can see what a high consciousness, what energy full of grace, energy full of joy is expanding here, deeper and deeper with each breath, Jesus who is so perceptible, the 36 High Councillors, the millions of angelic beings who are singing to the planetary grid.

This Holy Grail is in Mexico. We beyond the veil are also deeply moved when we see how you open yourselves and let the miracles happen deeper and deeper. Go into the depth of your divine light. And while you expand yourself with each breath you will be grounded on all levels. Feel how your soul allows the change and you are there when now, in deep love, in powerful intention, in the collective on Earth and beyond the veil the Holy Grail of Healing is kindled with Jesus Christ. We carry this out to the sounds from the divine Reality. Deep inside you will feel healing on all levels. And thus I ask you to rise.

(Music is played)

I, Mother Mary, give comfort to the human beings, but now I speak words for Lady Gaia.

Lady Gaia, I call you in your consciousness. In ELEXIER and SAVIER I am with you with the radiant power of my love. You had to bear so much, but see the human beings, filled with love for you, how they turn to you and are full of AN'ANASHA.

Lady Gaia, we all, no matter from which frequency, want to say to you: When you are ready for the redemption, for freedom, for the awakening, we will be there for you. We will welcome you at your awakening. In deepest love you have transformed so much for the human beings. But see, Lady Gaia, the human beings. Feel how they turn to you full of ELEXIER, grant you the time that your consciousness needs. Massive light expansions on planet Earth, light expansions in your consciousness.

For you, Lady Gaia, we open all our channels together here. And each and every loving human being present here will now send you Crystals, just as is right and good for you.

For all your work, for all your love I say A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.


The words of the light language used in this channeling mean:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworkers' greeting, energy of welcome
ELEXIER - unconditional love
SAVIER - humility
AN'ANASHA - gratitude
A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH - you are loved immeasurably

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

The Kryon Festival is a biannual international event which takes place in Munich, Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.