I am Mother Mary. Full of love and joy I greet you, each and every one with the words OMAR TA SATT. There are still many of Mother Mary's energies in Sangitar's aspects and they radiate to you, with deep radiant power, with each word that Mother Mary speaks to you.

When I was in Sangitar's body many human beings were very surprised that a high priestess, the guardian of Jesus Christ, brought a lightness with her. When I, Mother Mary, watched over Jesus Christ I was in the deepest trust and I knew all about it. I knew who Jesus Christ is. And as human being, when I was on Earth I was a human being who carried a lot of lightness and also joy. For it was important. For Jesus was a boy who needed a lot of comfort, who was often withdrawn and deeply sad. With my lightness, with my joy I was often able to help Jesus get over his sadness. And there were moments when he also felt joy and that brought us closer. And with these events Jesus's confidence in me as guardian grew. And thus I wanted to show the human beings that joy and lightness help get over moments that you so often feel in the duality, this sadness or also yearning. That joy is an energy that connects, that can not be found in the spirituality of the duality so often. And yet it is such a high energy. For when lightness and joy arrive the soul is very free from doubt of the surface energy. And then the deep miracles can develop and also manifest.

In Sangitar's body the energies were extremely powerful. And thus miracles could happen. I was allowed to work so deeply as walk-in, in so many areas of your soul, your aspects, also in your physical aspect. And in spite of the lightness that I brought with me and spread I saw each single soul. I saw each single aspect. And I knew where I had to begin in order to achieve what is best and nicest for you, just as once with Jesus.

What I saw in your soul as walk-in, anchored in many of your light fields, was the deep love for Jesus and the devotion. I could also see how the energies of the Holy Grails circulated. And I was able to see in many of the human beings how the energies of the Holy Grail of the Ark of the Covenant have embedded themselves in the deepest depth of the aspects. And it was a deep process of devotion for me in Sangitar's body that I am not able to express with words. And how much I would have liked to stay with you longer. How much I would have liked to touch each and every one of you. And yet I have touched everyone in a way that is only possible for a walk-in.

The Festival of love, of strength, of devotion, all the things you have experienced - you were able to feel how highly energetic this Festival has been. Erecting the merkabah of YOAH'TOH is the deepest service of love in the golden age and it puts down the tracks in various directions. The energies spread like the energy carried by the wind. And thus you can see that particularly the red frequency can not evade these energies, opens itself and becomes more aware. In addition Lady Gaia has profited from many of the energies from the divine Reality, but also from the collective of the love energies of the human beings. In many areas and regions transformation was possible. And in other areas in turn the light was expanded and deeper dawning of consciousness of Lady Gaia has taken place. What was very touching for us beyond the veil, to express it in human words, was that the inhabitants of Landras were in the Pearl Field of Love during those days. Even they were fascinated and touched by the events on Earth. And they did not leave the Pearl Field even though this was not planned for them.

The energies, even though they were so powerful, so strong and devoted, and the erecting of the merkabah of YOAH'TOH has expanded with effervescent power, you will all have noticed that in spite of these energies everything has become a little softer. You could almost say lovelier. This is not a contrast, rather it connects. For the more the human beings are beyond their intellect and give up doubt, can absorb the energies more noticeably, the softer they become. Their strictness and the pressure that they have often carried within for such a long time disappears. And when this pressure ceases, then they become gentler, calmer, quieter, stronger and at the same time more joyful as well.

As I was able to effect so much as Mother Mary, as walk-in, I am sure that if Sangitar permits it I will return to you again. I have enjoyed Sangitar's body very much, every moment I could be with you. And you can have faith that when a call is made, each being that is in Sangitar's body as walk-in knows when it must leave this body. But at the end of the day something that you call fear always remains. But that is something that can not be avoided in the duality. But it is not so much the moment when the walk-in leaves Sangitar's body, but it would be the sounds much more, unforeseen happenings so that the energies of a walk-in would go out of Sangitar's body too quickly. And for this reason I say AN'ANASHA to Sangitar at this point. But I also say AN'ANASHA to you with the same depth of my love. For it takes love to open oneself so much that so many miracles and healing were able to take place.

The cell renewal was also very deep and has effected much. I have also used the time to embed the energies of the Holy Grails in you in such a way that they not only serve you, but are also deeply noticeable. For more and more and deeper and deeper will you begin to work with the energies that are being brought to you. For when the red frequency opens itself you are ready, and for that I also say AN'ANASHA.

With the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH I say goodbye.


The words of the light language used in this channeling mean:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworkers' greeting, energy of welcome
AN'ANASHA - gratitude
A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH - you are loved immeasurably

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

The Kryon Festival is a biannual international event which takes place in Munich, Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.