The awakened kundalini enables humans to reach their full potentiality in every area of life. This
can result in a person achieving mega-success and supreme inspiration to become the greatest that
they can be, whether they are writers, artists, sculptors, teachers, doctors, scientists, healers,
composers, lawyers, or in any other profession or business. It may manifest in the form of improved
Healing the heart of humanity one soul at a time
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health and receiving great respect and gains in finances and career. It can improve our health and
maintain our youthful vitality. It can keep our bodies and minds ever-youthful. It can improve our
personal relationships and elevate our consciousness. It affects us on all levels of our being-- the
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, by purifying us on a cellular level.
It is possible to awaken your Kundalini through different forms of meditation or yoga, though the
process should be undertaken slowly. Raised properly, Kundalini energy has the potential to spring
forth as active kinetic energy that may result in altered states of consciousness.
Once you have tapped into your Kundalini, what you experience will be unique to you
Some people experience the rising of the Kundalini upward through the chakras as spreading
warmth and a feeling of extreme well being.
Healing the heart of humanity one soul at a time

Activating the Kundalini

Why activate the kundalini? Many people have very outspoken ideas about kundalini energy and
its value. They think a strong flow of kundalini energy through their bodies makes them
enlightened, one with God… And indeed kundalini energy can help a lot to boost somebody’s
spiritual development, to have dazzling spiritual experiences and even to have experiences of unity.
But having a strong flow of kundalini energy doesn’t make somebody necessarily a better person.
Personal and spiritual growth is a process; life itself and the way its challenges are met determines
one’s growth and how 'enlightened' we become.
Kundalini energy can help spiritual development. A harmonious flow of kundalini energy can help
together with a form of self-healing and healing, to accomplish astonishing steps of spiritual growth.

Healing the heart of humanity one soul at a time
This material was compiled by Humanity Healing for educational purposes only Page 9
A strong flow of kundalini energy usually brings often people out of balance (as occurs sometimes
with a ‘spontaneous kundalini awakening’) and it is quite a challenge to regain that balance.
On this page, I have described an activation meditation you can do to stimulate your kundalini
system in a harmonious way. It helps to generate a kind of spiritual development that is
manageable so your energy system doesn’t get out of control.
During the next weeks, you can use the following meditation exercise daily. Depending on your
personal sensitivity you can feel the kundalini energy as a very subtle flow through your (energy)

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology.