In this article we will deeply talk about kwikfunnel. kwikfunnel is an effective solution and an ideal tool for online businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. Whatever your goals are, whether you want to gather leads, promote your services, or sell products, you can increase your conversion rate with kwikfunnel.

A kwikfunnel offers pre-made sales funnels, landing page templates, and an easy to use drag-and-drop editor, providing a smooth funnel design process. kwikfunnels also has an impressive knowledge base, and extensive support documentation, helps users navigate this platform and make the most of the available features.

So now that we have a clear understanding of what kwikfunnels has offer, let's see more depth about the kwikfunnel feature :

Advantages of Kwikfunnel

Email integration

kwikfunnel integrates with many popular email respondents, including Aweber, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Active campaign, Getresponce and many more. However, kwikfunnel also has its own marketing automation platform.

Analytics and A/B testing

Kwikfunnels encourages users to A/B testing funnels to ensure maximum conversion. A / B testing is important to understand what works and what does not. Much more any element of a funnel can be tested, including…

● The page
● Headlines
● Copy
● Pictures and videos
● Switch

Kwikfunnel is automatically tracks the analytics of your funnel, which lets you know how your pages are performing. Within the dashboard you can access the statistics…

● Page view
● User behavior
● Conversion rates
● Comparison between funnels
● Metrics over time

Monitoring your analytics will help you understand what your customers are responding to, and help you plan changes and improvements for future funnels. Kwikfunnel has a / b testing capability with landing page builders on the market.

Drag and Drop Website Builders

Builder provides three intuitive website builders (Pixel Perfect Builder, Responsive Builder and Mobile First Builder).

Customizable Templates

The builder offers a wide assortment of stylish and professional 1000+templates, so whether you want to build a website, start a blog, sales funnel, landing page, or anything else, you need one to suit your project. Template will be found.


Easily add pages to your site, and then manage page features including SEO, domain settings, language options, and much more.


Select font layout groups and manage font style, color, size and more.


Builder provides a wide assortment of design elements, including pop-ups, buttons, images, videos, audio and forms, to name a few options.


If you want to sell products or services, you can add checkout options, and manage sales and payment methods like Payu, Paytm, PayPal, and many more.

How do you publish your website?

1. Click on publish your website or launch your website option
2. Builder publication
3. Back in the Builder Dashboard, select your chosen website builder again, and then click My Sites. Here you have some options.
4. Change your subdomain
5. Connect a domain
6. Publish your website

As you can see, building a basic website with the builder is very quick and easy.

Kwikfunnel pricing

Kwikfunnel offers three pricing plans that are very affordable compared to the builder.

Personal plan ($25 per month) - Access all templates, editors, and many other Kwikfunnel features on this personal plan. Members can create unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, and receive 20,000 page views a month. You can also register or connect to a domain.

Pro plan ($49 per month) - In this plan you get 3 Domain, Unlimited Templates, Unlimited Funnels, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Products, 40+ Checkout Templates, 30+ Thank You Templates, Built In Payment Integration Process, Built In Email Integration Process, Advanced Stats & Reports, 1-Click Upsells, Priority Support, 1000+ Landing Templates you can easily access all the feature.

Business Plan ($99 per month) - Users who sign up have access to Kwikfunnel own email marketing service, and Backpack, the Kwikfunnel Affiliate Management Program. On top of this, users can create an unlimited number of funnels and landing pages, as well as receive unlimited amounts of traffic and register as required domains.

Comparison between kwikfunnel & Clickfunnels

As you can see, Kwikfunnel is a very inexpensive product that includes many tools and applications and is ideal for those looking to build a new business or website on a budget. At the other end of the spectrum is Clickfunnels with higher price points, which reflect its more advanced features. This makes Clickfunnels more attractive to large businesses looking to use sales funnels to increase conversions.

If you are still unsure which solution is best for your project, take advantage of the free trials provided by both. By using and using the tools for yourself, you will gain valuable insight into what each solution can do, and will help you choose the right products for your business.

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