Kynia Thrower is a healthcare worker with a passion for helping people. Not only does she care for extended care patients full-time, but she also invests her spare time in cooking and feeding the homeless in her local community. 


As a separate passion, Kynia Thrower also has an official website where she shares tips and tricks for healthcare workers as well as for people who want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. 

One thing that Kynia Thrower ensures she does before at the end of each workday is a self-check-in to make sure she is always performing at her best. She has a few simple rules and principles that have helped her find success in her career, and particularly in the healthcare industry. 

Here are a few simple tips for success as a healthcare worker:

First and foremost, Kynia Thrower recommends leading with kindness. 

Since you will be entrusted with the care of your patients, it’s important to ensure that they are more than just physically taken care of. Meeting their emotional needs is also imperative, as well as ensuring they feel cared for and considered. 

Being kind doesn’t just make you a good healthcare professional, but it also makes you a great person and it’s a quality that can translate into other parts of your life.

Being kind gives you the opportunity to strengthen relationships in your life and lead an ultimately rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Secondly, Kynia Thrower treats her patients like her own family. This is easy for Kynia to do because she used to care for her aging grandmother when she was growing up. In fact, this was one of the main reasons why she pursued a career in the healthcare industry.  

By treating patients like your own family, you are more likely to be invested in their well-being and have even more empathy for them than you normally would. Remembering that we are all connected as people is one principle that can ensure your success as a long-term care provider. 


According to Kynia Thrower, it’s also important to be loving towards your patients. Love and kindness, while related, have fundamental differences. 


Kindness is characterized by being good, and love is about that and so much more. Love is an emotion you feel within yourself and it gives you the ability to do things like stay the extra hour, go the extra mile, and exceed expectations. 


One of the greatest virtues, however, is patience. Being patient is one of the most important qualities you can have as a long-term care provider. In fact, it’s important for healthcare workers and those being cared for to demonstrate patience. 


When your health isn’t in an optimal state, things tend to take more time. Adapting around changing circumstances and having a winner’s mentality is the best way to get through the situation. 


As a healthcare worker, much of your career will revolve around the care and comfort of other people. That’s why it’s still important to take care of yourself so that you can care for others. 


For more tips for healthcare workers, you can read the healthcare blog of Kynia Thrower. 

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