The La Shish Kabob is a restaurant located at 3117 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States. The La Shish Kabob was opened in 2007 by a renowned chef Izzat Freitekh who is an experienced chef with 35 years of experience. before the arrival of Izzat Freitekh the whole area was abandoned it was chef Izzat Freitekh who breathe a new life into the abandoned North Sharon Amity area with the grand opening of La Shish Kabob. The masses took the opening of the La Shish Kabob restaurant by a boom and the area which was once abandoned is now a popular spot and sometimes people don’t even find the space to park the car. The chef Izzat Freitekh moved from Jerusalem to North Carolina in 2007, even in Jerusalem Mr Izzat Freitekh was successfully running a chain of restaurants. He was the first one to introduce the delivery services of food and grocery to the people of Jerusalem and its suburbs. It was him who opened his door 24 hours a day.

Then Mr Izzat Freitekh moved to united stated and here he chose the North Sharon Amity area for the opening of his restaurant La Shish Kabob at that time it was the only restaurant in that area. But where there is a will there is away. the masses took the open the restaurant by a massive boom. And now after years of great service and delicious food, the La Shish Kabob is the most popular sport of the public, it is famous for the Halal middle eastern bites such as the Shawarma, Falafel and grilled skewers.
since after the open of the La Shish Kabob restaurant in North Sharon Amity area, the area has become very popular and now the land which was once barren or abandoned is now synonym with the opportunities and business ventures. The La Shish Kabob restaurant is doing very well with over 1,000 positive customer reviews and feedbacks in the past one year.
The main reason for the popularity of the La Shish Kabob restaurant in North Sharon Amity area is the expertise of the chef Izzat Freitekh to provide the people of the area with the delicious halal middle eastern bites such as the Shawarma, Falafel and grilled skewers. The chef Izzat Freitekh is very passionate about his profession since childhood he loved to cook meals and he learned cooking from her mother then he formally studied it and become a professional in it, now chef Izzat Freitekh can cook anything in the world.
Another reason behind the popularity of the La Shish Kabob is that it is the only restaurant in NC which provides the masses with the halal Middle Eastern Bites. The restaurant offers the finest quality delicious American foods such as the Chicken wings and cheeseburgers. The shawarma of the La Shish Kabob restaurant is the most famous food every day hundreds of people come to La Shish Kabob to eat their favourite food i.e shawarma and sometimes there are a lot of customers in the La Shish Kabob restaurant that you don’t even find any space to park your car.

Upon entering the La Shish Kabob restaurant the customers are greeted by the gong of a doorbell and boisterous welcome. The fragrance of the delicious food in the La Shish Kabob is so majestic and magical that it increases the appetite of the customers by two folds and it is very hard for the customers to decide from the menu what they want to eat. And the whole atmosphere is so mesmerizing and absorbing, firstly the fragrance of the delicious greets and then the site of glass case which displays the beef, lamb kabobs, and whole rotisserie chickens covered in a secret herb mix drip juice is so mouth-watering and appealing. When I first visited the La Shish Kabob restaurant I had certain reservations and misconceptions in my mind, I had read certain reviews of the angry customers about the Shawarma but when I went there and eaten the shawarma it was opposite to what I expected. The shawarma tasted so good that even now when I remember about it my mouth gets watered. It was the best shawarma I have ever eaten in my whole life.
The best thing about the La Shish Kabob restaurant is that everything is homemade and natural for instance the falafel, hummus and baba ghannoui and the sauces there the red sauce, green sauce and the garlic sauce is homemade. And the meat used in the making of the different is halal_ halal means the animals are slaughtered properly according to the Islamic teachings. The food of the La Shish Kabob restaurant is very moderate, delicious although the food is a bit a spicy but it is not so hot, it tastes perfect, and is easy on the stomach. But there are some foods there which are very hot and spicy for instance the Kami Kebob which was originated from the turkey and named after the city in which it was originated. This dish is also very delicious like all the other dishes of the La Shish Kabob restaurant. This dish is a lamb covered in the mixture of the tasty ingredients that taste very delicious and makes you break a little sweat.

The La Shish Kabob restaurant is mainly famous for the wide varieties of the kebabs it offers such as the Chicken Kabob Grilled Lamb Kabob, Turkish Adana Kebab, Mixed Grilled Kabob, Grilled Beef Kabob, Grilled Kafta. The people also love to eat the falafel and grilled skewers from the La Shish Kabob restaurant. But nothing can take down a taste of the shawarma for which the masses rush to the La Shish Kabob restaurant every evening especially on the weekends. This place becomes so crowdy that it is very hard to find a parking spot for the car. So when you are going to the La Shish Kabob restaurant to eat the Middle Eastern bites the shawarma, falafel and grilled skewers and a wide variety of the kebabs.

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