Signs. We rely on them to help us through every day. From telling us what speed to drive to telling us how long to cook a chicken, signs tell us when we need to pay attention to something important.

Did you ever notice your body also gives out signals? It tells you when you need food, rest or stimulation. And, most of the time, you do pay attention. You eat, you sleep, you go for a walk.

But sometimes your body needs more. What it really needs is a holistic healing massage.

So what are the signs you need a thorough top-to-toe intensive massage to soothe, nourish and restore mind, body and soul?

Take this quick survey of tell-tale signs your body is in need of a complete therapeutic massage and see for yourself. Do you suffer from:

  • Low energy levels?
  • Lack of mental clarity?
  • Muscular tension or stiffness?
  • Decreased mobility or flexibility?
  • Poor circulation?
  • Shallow, inefficient breathing?
  • Poor skin elasticity?
  • Low immune system?
  • Imbalance in your digestive system?
  • Trouble sleeping?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions your body is clearly showing signs that it's in need of Holistic Healing Therapy!

Holistic therapy combines Swedish oil based massage, a technique encouraging circulation within the blood stream and stimulation within the muscles, with Reflexology, where specific pressure points in your hands and feet are massaged to stimulate the organs and nervous systems of your body.

Highly trained therapists at La Spa Therapie, Malahide tailor each Holistic Healing massage for you personally, taking the time to understand your specific ailments, the causes of your tensions, and working to heal your whole body from top-to-toe.
This blissful treatment restores and repairs the body as well as the mind, healing the individual as a whole, restoring balance and natural harmony.

So are you in need of Holistic Healing Therapy?

Just one session at La Spa Therapie, Malahide with a La Spa Holistic massage therapist will give you an instant boost, promote long-term improvement of any ailments you may have, and greatly improve your general sense of well-being.

Try it for yourself and see! Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Please note: Holistic Massage is a totally safe complementary treatment but does not replace medical treatment. You should always consult your GP if in need of medical advice.

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