Do you suffer from lack of confidence? Are you one of the many you are hamstrung by this insidious disease?

Millions of people struggle with a shortage confidence and recognizing it is the 1st step to overcoming it and growing as a person in all facets of your life.

Your lack of confidence is the primary factor that is limiting your success—your happiness --- your life satisfaction!

--Now let me ask you this crucial question, -Do you want obliterate your lack of confidence?

If your answer is yes—please by all means—read on!

Having poor confidence is your low level of positive self image. You think that you cannot do this or you cannot do that. You have negatively established beliefs about yourself and what you can and cannot do.

What are the effects of lack of confidence?

Let me outline the detrimental effects that can and will happen to you if you still continue to let the negative effects of lack of confidence affect your life:


Whatever goals you set yourself, whether it’s making a great sale or bagging an elusive client, then you will have little or no hope of achieving it if you have any limiting, self-defeating beliefs.

Belief gives you the focus, drive and motivation to see the task or job through to the desired outcome

You fail because you believe that you will fail. What’s worse is that you feel compelled to do a certain task as it’s a sure road to promotion or your ultimate goal but because your limited beliefs you do it half-heartedly—thus you bungle it up!

All of this is rooted in your lack of confidence.

Now picture this in your mind’s eye—you are the opposite.
You are brimming with positive energy—you know you are up to the task and you give it your very best shot!

You achieve and even if you fail your tenacity and dedication are seen by your boss…

Now what d’you think will happen?


Lack of confidence is a summary of your life’s failures or even your simple perception of failure. The great achievers and innovators of this age have suffered monumental failures.

Yet they still fight the good fight—they still struggle.

Look at Steve Jobs! That great man has suffered almost equal measures of success and failure.

But did that stop him from being more inventive? --More Innovative?

No way!

You have to de-program your old mindset, you have to identify the lack of confidence symptoms and deal with them.


When you do not try at all and exude all that negativity and lack of confidence—your body has been scientifically proven to release stress hormones and chemicals.

These stress hormones initially create fatigue, stress and headaches. But if left to continue—they can create more serious ailments.

Your lack of confidence makes you less happy. Nobody is happy by not taking on challenges or tasks.

--When you overcome obstacles, the fact that you overcame them floods your body with beneficial chemicals and hormones.

Thus being positive makes you life a healthier and longer life!

Do not let your lack of confidence stop you for having your well deserved life of satisfaction and happiness, so be your own master and prevail!

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Having low levels of confidence can and will block you from excelling in life and achieving worthwhile success.Confidence is vital to you reaching your true potential. Discover the crippling effects of a lack of confidence and how it will sabotage your quest for a healthier, happier more successful life.