Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson once wrote, "Twas the night before Thanksgiving. All the food's in the oven. And I'm in the bedroom, performin' self lovin'." It's a catchy little poem most men can relate to. Men who don't have sexual partners can use masturbation to help them feel fulfilled, and even men who do have partners may find that a little alone time can be intensely pleasurable. In most cases, this form of private play is considered healthy and natural. It can help a man to find out what he enjoys and what sorts of movements tend to kill the moment. However, men who engage in frequent masturbation without proper penis care could end up with a loss of sensitivity.

Improper Technique
A study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men who masturbate during adolescence and young adulthood do so three times more often than women in the same age group. Studies like this highlight just how common the practice is among men, and while guys might joke about it, few discuss the specifics of their self-pleasure sessions. Many men are doing damage, simply because they're unaware of how they should be handling this delicate part of the anatomy. Common mistakes include:
• Using a tight grip
• Neglecting lubricant
• Engaging in the activity a bit too often
• Avoiding proper self-care techniques

Men who sneak away for quick sessions may hope to reach climax as quickly as possible, and they may pull with incredible force using their bare, callused hands. This can cause an immense amount of damage to the thin, fragile skin of the penis, causing tiny tears and scratches. As those heal, they tend to heal with layers of rough collagen. When men head back for another session, they may need to use even more force to break through those calluses. In time, these men may have a marked decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. The sensory cells that are normally right on the exterior of the skin are buried under layers of scar tissue and rough skin, making the penis much less responsive and making sex just a bit less enjoyable. It's a scary thought, but there are some things men can do to reverse the problem.

Taking Care
There is no magic number when it comes to masturbation frequency. Sex drive is intensely personal, and most men notice that their urge to have sex tends to rise and fall depending on other things that are happening in their lives. However, men who find that they're only able to achieve a climax with masturbation, or who find that the skin of the penis seems rough and sore, might benefit from abstaining for at least a few days and thinking hard about putting together a more reasonable schedule. Self-stimulation should be a time of gentle exploration and tenderness, and this experience takes time to do properly. Men who slow down and move slowly may find that they have a much more intense experience, and perhaps they won't have to engage in the activity so frequently.

During these sessions, lotion is of paramount importance. A barrier can protect the skin, while allowing even the softest touch to be amplified and magnified. Incorporating a bit of moisture into masturbation can also provide the rough and sore skin of the penis with a bit of protection, preventing further damage.

Using a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can also be beneficial. Applying softening emollients directly to the skin of the penis can help the tissues to soften, allowing nerve endings to respond appropriately. In time, men may find that the skin of the penis is much more receptive and responsive, making their masturbation sessions much more enjoyable, and sex with their partners all the more amazing.

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