Winter is approaching and it's almost time to shop for some au courant winter wear. There is an endless variety of fabrics and materials to choose from this mild season , from leather to Fur, and for those for whom Winter isn’t just about staying warm, but stylish too, Cashmere is the choice to go for.

Cashmere is made into various apparels like ladies Cashmere clothing like sweaters, scarves, shrugs and shawls or mens cashmere collection like cardigans, mufflers and jackets.

And it is not just apparels that are made from cashmere. There are also a number of cashmere accessories that can be made from the fabric like cushion covers, blankets, rugs and throws.

There is nothing like the soft touch of cashmere on your skin. It’s hard to imagine that the soft material is made from anything but threads of cotton candy. But do you really know where does it come from?
Surprisingly, it is not made of cotton candy. It is made from the fleece of Goats. Yes, you read that correctly. Cashmere comes from Cashmere goats, the only animal that can produce this dreamy, luxurious, highly coveted fiber.

The Most lavish Fabric
Some information was provided by a Cashmere Goat farmer as to why cashmere goods are so expensive and luxurious.
A single cashmere goat isn’t able to produce a whole lot. Farmers are only able to harvest the fibers once a year, and most of it is done by combining the undercoat, which sheds yearly. One can get between six and eight ounces from a really good goat initially, but once it’s processed, you usually don’t get more than four ounces back.

Cashmere is an extremely finite resource, there is only a certain amount produced of it in the world. Just like diamonds and gold, it is quite rare, thus priced appropriately.

This naturally shedding undercoat of the Cashmere Goats is combed using a dog comb. Ideally one would like to have a goat that has good quality cashmere all over, targeting not just particular areas. The best areas for shedding are typically the goat’s mid-side That’s why, it takes about four goats to make one sweater.

That alleviates the myth believed by some that the cashmere from a goat’s neck is of best quality. There have been numerous contrasting stories about places on the goat that are particularly better for cashmere, but in reality the wool on the neck is of the lowest quality. So, this concludes that why Cashmere is considered more lavish than other wools. Cashamere has an exclusive and high-end product line for you to choose from.

Where To Buy

Apparels and accessories made from this material can be brought on Cashmere OnlineStore like Cashamere . They are also available in a number of retail stores specialising in cashmere, across the world.

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