YES! It’s been one week, you’ve stuck to your diet and were hitting the gym every day; you’ve lost 3 pounds!! You are a woman on FIRE! Oh, yeah mama, zip up those skinny jeans!
Now, it’s Sunday and you’re out to a big lunch with your family.

“One, or two breadsticks won’t hurt, right? and I mean, I’ve made so much progress….Of course I’ll have dessert. I deserve a reward for all of that hard work!”

Monday at the Gym: You step on the scale….you’re up 2 lbs! How can that be? Now, you’re feeling a loss of motivation and simply stroll out your 30 minutes on the treadmill while thumbing through a magazine. After the gym, you open your fridge, shove away the chicken and spinach and cook up a huge plate of pasta with lots of cheese. You turn on the t.v. only to see image after image of perfect, fit and beautiful women. “I’ll never look like that, why do I even try?”

So, what happened in the last two days that caused such a downward spiral?


Our society thrives on instant gratification. Anything that requires patience and work is no longer desired. Hence, the alarming success of the Weight Loss Pill/Shake/Infomercial industry. I hate to break it to you…….you’d better sit down for this…….The ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off is persistence and consistency. You have got to stick to your program or your weight will continue to stick to you. Make sense?

Even just getting off track for one meal can send all of your progress down the drain. Bad habits MUST be broken and you MUST feel uncomfortable in order for your body to change. It is a huge adjustment, but the best one you will ever make! I promise you. That scenario above, was ME! I was so lost as to how to properly sculpt a sexy body and would surrender to anything sweet or starchy. I had to completely retrain my brain to view “Food as Fuel” and not use it as a means of comfort.

“But, what about cheat meals?”

Are you a dog? Seriously?

Never EVER reward yourself with food!! Here’s a great trick: Put some money in a jar whenever you work out ($1 or whatever you can afford). When that jar has $50 or so, go buy yourself some new workout clothes or a pretty dress. Trust me, you will enjoy it much more than a slice of cheesecake. Place the jar in your kitchen as a constant reminder to keep you motivated and consistent.
I have so many more tricks as to how to remain consistent even with little kids running around. I’ve got two little ones and used to have every excuse as to why I couldn’t stick to my program. You can do it! Planning and preparation is key! I had a mother of two approach me for advice just yesterday. She said that she simply does not have time to prepare her family’s meal and a separate meal for herself at every sitting. I told her how I prepare my Bikini Method Meals on Sunday for the entire week. I take an hour or two to cook and package all of the meals and snacks I will need for that week. I have an entire shelf in the fridge devoted to me. When I am out all day doing things with my girls, I pack my food in my insulated cooler and fill up my water bottle. I know that no matter how rushed I am on any given day, I can easily stick to my program. I also throw in some healthy snacks for the girls too. We eat better, save time and even save money!

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