Weiber offers best quality Laminar Airflow in different sizes. It forces the HEPA-filtered air down across the workspace. They provide their usefulness for activities like filtering the air and eradicating the unhealthy particulates; thus completely developing a healthy air flow. We have also installed reliable Filter & Powerful blower module.

Vertical Laminar Airflow cabinets will provide protection to products and samples with a parallel flow of clean air through filters situated at the rear of the cabinet. This facilitates vertical flow of clean air and makes sure that purity is maintained in the breathing air. As a result of the unmatched quality of our products, these are used in, microbiology, molecular-biology lab, QC labs, pharmaceutical and food.

It gives protection at three levels:

1. Product protection

2. Personnel protection

3. Personnel and product protection

Our Laminar airflow are fabricated out of thick board duly sunmica clad or mild steel cabinet duly epoxy coated. The work table is made of thick board which is sunmica clad at top or S. S Table top will be provided as optional accessories. Moreover the unit is fitted with pre-filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filter having efficiency rating as high as 99.997%.

The room air is taken at the air circulation module, mixed in the module with the fresh air conditioned by the air conditioner and discharged in to the plenum chamber located above the filter canopy. The clean air after filtering flows in to the OT and forms the protection zone. Our instrument is provided with a fluorescent light panel concealed at the upper portion of unit. Illumination at the work table is 800 lux. Laminar air flow bench are fabricated to ensure minimum possible noise and vibration levels.

It has wide range of application in the field of microbiology:

Tissue culture preparation:

Laminar airflow cabinets are used for preparation of tissue culture, especially in virology unit.

In Planetary quarantine Unit:

In this unit critical sterility test assays and tests are performed for low number of microorganism is performed. Our instrument eliminates occurrence of false positive tests.

Microbiological Manipulations:

1.In research, laminar airflow helps in microbiological manipulations.

2.Bio clean protection for semi-automatic vial filling and bunging.

3.Microbiological labs or other research control centres engaged in investigative work with sub-toxic materials.

4.Providing protection for open vessels of chemicals, solvents or powders in microbiology laboratories.

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Rodsi Bhatia writes articles for business products and other manufacturing units. Acmas Technocracy Pvt.Ltd is a leading Manufacturer of Industrial & scientific laboratory Cleanroom equipments such as Walk in plant growth chamber, Clean Room Racks & Clean Room Safety Gear.