To get a better sense of what the Landmark Forum is and how it works, there are a number of reviews available online from individuals, prominent blogs and major newspapers. What follows is a small sampling of each of the above, in the form of the first couple of paragraphs of the review, followed by a link to the complete text.

I Thought I’d be Brainwashed. How Wrong Could I be…

By Amelia Hill, The Guardian (London Newspaper)

I don't do epiphanies. I don't make leaps of faith or have life-transforming realisations and I have never experienced anything even remotely resembling a breakthrough.

I have never read a self-help book and consider myself immune to out-of-body experiences. Meditation bores me and the few times I tried yoga, I ended up inexplicably angry.

Above all, what I most certainly do not do is stand up in front of 200 people who openly talk about sharing, loving and personal journeys, and apologise for getting it all wrong. Except, as of last Tuesday, I apparently do.

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My Landmark Experience

By Diane Odessa, Huffington Post

My Landmark experience begins the day a trusted friend recounts his weekend Landmark getaway. Quietly, I think to myself, "Poor kid. He has up and joined a cult."

I have heard the rumors - the strict bathroom policy, the no eating/ no drinking rule, the endless hours of class, the forced enrollment of your peers and family. Landmark Education has been kicked out of France. It also has the vague ring of Scientology, and all that California self-help mind control a la Tom Cruise in Magnolia or the pick-up artist from The Game. But my curiosity was piqued so I invited myself along to his evening class and joined on the spot. (Purely journalistic, of course.)

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600 Bucks for Nothing and Everything

I spent the last three beautiful sunny days sitting on a very uncomfortable chair from 9 am until 10 pm and still can’t feel my butt. I attended the Landmark forum that teaches the curriculum of living, and registered for the forum because my wife wanted me to. The management of the company where she works sees the benefit in it.

So, I first registered for the forum and then googled it to see what others think about it (as always, looking for the negative comments). What I found were the stories about brain washing, cult, scam, etc. In spite of all this, for the love of my life I decided to go (instead of buying a home theatre at Costco). Actually I wasn’t completely happy with some areas in my life, so I was curious to see if I can learn something that could possibly help me to make some changes.

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