Shrubs and the perennial plants are the most important things that are used in landscaping. Landscape can be improved marvelously if we make use of the seasonal shrubs properly. Majority of the flowering plants bloom in the spring, however there are certain plants that give good foliage in winter while still others who do not dry up and shrivel in the autumn. With the proper use of these shrubs we can create marvelous landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

If you are willing to develop privacy hedges for your home and you cannot wait for too long, quick growing shrubs are the most important plants that can solve your problems. Not only are the quick growing shrubs important for making privacy hedges, but also if you want to maintain separate bushes in or around your home you can take some help from these privacy hedges.

Cotoneaster is a beautiful shrub that bears the berries and has rough, rocky appearance due to its stiff branches. The shrub is very easy to cultivate at home and thus can easily form beautiful foliage. The branches are woody and branch in the V-pattern known as the herringbone pattern. But the rough woody look of these plants is instantly softened by the red colored berries. These small fleshy gifts of nature beautify the whole landscape with their appearance.
If you want to make your home fragrant, there are a lot of shrubs that grow very quickly to make bushes that emit pleasant fragrance. Mock orange is a shrub that grows quickly to form a bush that emits citrus smell. This is the reason that it is named mock orange. The plant has beautiful blossoms that create a striking scene. Other than mock orange we have other plants like lilacs that can be cultivated because of their beautiful smell. The lilacs are not only great in their smell but also their lovely hues.

If it is the winter season and you are looking for some landscaping there are many plants that blossom in winter, and make your home look a cheerful place even when covered with two feet of snow. Maples are the trees that grow very fast and add a lot to the winter scenery. Redtwig Dogwood is beautiful shrub that is well known for its stunning bark that stands vividly amidst the winter giving a beautiful contrast with the white snow.

A beautiful fast growing shrub that bears yellow flowers is Forsythia. With its yellow flowers it says welcome to the spring giving a stunning look to the flower buds. Besides forsythia many other flowers can be easily grown in spring.

Moon gardens are the places where we can enjoy our nights and relax. They are decorated with the white flowers and night bloomers and therefore are named moon gardens. There are a number of bloomers that can contribute marvelously to our moon gardens these are snowdrops, daffodils, bleeding heart, fothergilla and azaleas. We can also add many creepers to our gardens. Creeping phlox is a good creeper when it comes to cultivating creepers at home.

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