Stoneworks have always been the inseparable part of landscaping. In fact, when used strategically, the aesthetics of landscaping design is increased by manifold. Modest and strategic use of stonework combined with other features like water, vegetation, and structures like patios and decking make your landscaping all the more appealing and aesthetically richer. 

Framing the landscape with controlled use of rocks

Stoneworks separate a great landscaping design from an ordinary one when used creatively. Rocks are hardscape materials that bring the best out of the vegetation of your landscape, adding a definition and sensing the structure of the planned area. Bricks and concrete can be as durable as rocks, but because of the element's all-natural appeal, rocks become an integral part of the landscape, seamlessly blending with the appeal of the landscape. More importantly, it does not need any maintenance whatsoever. In fact, the more the stonework gets older, the more it becomes natural and appealing. 

Using stonework in Patio Construction

Landscaping contractors while coming up with certain projects would use stonework in Canning Vale while constructing Patios. They may use rocks instead of tiles, bricks, and concrete to construct patio floors as that will add a more natural tinge to the patio and the landscape as a whole. 

Patios, regardless of the materials they are built up with, are excellent ways of connecting outdoors with indoors. When they are made up of stone, they connect not just themselves but the entire landscape with the indoor and it also minimises the maintenance cost and reduces the area that needs watering while taking nothing away from the element of lushness. 

Anchoring the plant beds with rocks 

A small lawn may very well be dominated by a plant bed with effective layout design. However, when you use rock as anchoring elements, the same plant bed will look convincing and authoritative by making a statement of its very own that differentiates it from the rest of the lawn – surely a welcome landscaping difference!! 

Using stones for building walls

These walls come in handy for: 

  • Separating your lawn from the street 
  • Lining the edges of the driveway 
  • Marking the boundary lines or your property corners 
  • Enclosing the vegetable gardens or the floral beds
  • Preventing erosion and terracing a slope with the retaining walls 

Combining Stones with water bodies

An effective combination of water and rocks create a magical effect. Originated from Japan this unique style of landscaping has taken the world by storm, specialists frequently use this deadly combination of stone work in Perth and water to come up with some astounding effect. 

Using stones in water garden as a beauty element

When it comes to adding more substance to water gardens, these stones can be used dramatically to enhance landscaping beauty. They at times use cobblestones and couple them up by planting small ground covers like moss, creeping thyme, and mini clover along the cracks between the stones to create a magical effect and break the visual monotony. 

Thus you see, there are so many ways of adding stonework in landscaping to enhance the look and feel. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a specialist in using Stone Work for landscaping in Perth, Canning Vale. The author is also an avid blogger.