The leaders who set an inspiring example in front of others are the ones who lead by example. With just their actions and ability to deliver results, they serve as an example for upcoming leaders to follow. Such inspiring business leaders are able to make a tremendous difference in the lives of people and the businesses they are leading. One such inspiring leader, we at Insights Success a business solutions magazine, came across is Lanette Richardson.

Lanette is the Founder and President of Utah Women in Sales, where she provides opportunities for women to connect, learn about new opportunities, network with sales professionals, and gain skills that will be valuable in the workplace.

Educating, Empowering and Supporting Women

The mission of Utah Women in Sales is to open the door for men and women to learn how they can support each other on the sales floor. Moreover, it also aims at helping companies become more diverse in their hiring and set goals for pay equity and diversity. 

Empowering Women to Stand Up and Make a Positive Change

She would like to see its training and its communities expand to include all professional women or women seeking a good job with flexibility so that they can provide for their families, not only financially but also have the flexibility of work/life balance so they can continue to be a primary focus in the lives of their children.

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