Is Lanistar the fintech challenger bank of the future?

This new one billion unicorn company in the world of finance is planning to become the most technology-driven financial partner in the industry. The new challenger bank from the UK is taking the next step in digitized banking, starting operations in 2020. With the financial insecurities of the new decade, they have repositioned themself to become the partner to go to for innovative solutions that work.

The Lanistar vision on transparency

They will provide absolute transparency to all its customers. Their mission is to grow together with its customers towards a strong financial future. Cooperation and empowering your clients is the right path to financial success according to their vision. The customer-centric vision of the new challenger bank is the embodiment of its overall strategy.

Technology-driven into the future

With the newest state-of-the-art technology you can find in banking, financial solutions for its clients will become faster and smoother than they have experienced before. With innovative technologies, clients will be able to breach through their financial limits. Workflow optimization, innovative solutions, and the financial empowerment of the clients is just the start of the cooperation with this fintech company.

The customer-centric approach

Lanistar plans to raise the term customer-centric to a whole new level. The most important goal is to provide its clients with all the services needed to succeed financially. They will launch a new app to arrange all your banking needs fast and secure. Technology-wise, clients will have all the facilities at their disposal to be among the fastest and most financially literate people of Europe and the world. Knowledge sharing and transparency are the final part of the puzzle. With this bank as your partner, you will have a reliable and knowledgeable partner at your service.

With utmost interest, we will follow the progress of this new technology-driven, customer-centric company into the next decade.

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