Maternity units abound in London and Lansdell Suite is one of the renowned names in this category. There are a series of issues that needs to be looked for when it comes to deciding on a private facility. It is very important to go for pre pregnancy planning as this ensures a healthy duo, mother and baby!

The very first issue that needs to be decided on when it comes to family planning is getting in touch with the right clinic. Choice of clinic poses as an important issue in this case as the health and well being of both the mother as well as the child is dependent on the choice of clinic. Lansdell Suite will pose as a commendable option in this case as it comes in a relaxed as well as a secured environment. Most of the renowned maternity clinics in London like -Lansdell Suite- also host 24 hour midwifery as well as consultant support. It is advisable to go for a clinic that is apt at serving you 24x7 as this helps in avoiding risks. Also, it is advisable to get in touch with a facility that has all modern amenities and can also help patients get in touch with a private obstetrician in London.

Access to all essential medical facilities occupies a significant position in this case. These facilities can be named as ultrasound service, modern operating theatres, a baby unit, that excels in special care, and also Neonatal as well as adult Intensive care units. Care of these facilities must be available 24 x 7 with capabilities to handle emergency situations. Special care baby unit of most of the renowned clinics in London like Lansdell Suite comes with level 3 intensive care facility. This means, the hospital has an infrastructure as well as skilled employees that have the capability to care for both pre term as well as sick babies. Make sure to get in touch with a hospital that host single and modern delivery beds. Modern delivery bed as well as state of art equipment that has the capability to monitor both children as well as mothers poses as another significant necessity and has to be looked for while deciding on a hospital before child birth. Twenty four hour mobile epidural service is another sought after facility when it comes to a clinic. The facilities need must also have consultant anaesthesiologists as they are designated to offer this service. -Lansdell Suite- hosts all these modern facilities, thereby earning the name of best maternity unit of London.

The next important issue that needs consideration in this case is support of friends and family. There are a series of clinics that do not allow mothers and baby to stay side by side. This facility is available with Lansdell Suite. The rooms here come with a baby cot thereby allowing mothers and baby to stay close. Moreover, friends and family are allowed to visit at any time.

It is advisable to get in touch with the best clinic in town when it comes to child birth as that will ensure a perfectly healthy mother and baby. Lansdell Suite may help you out if you are on the lookout for the best maternity clinic in town.

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Dorothy Bennett is a private obstetrician in London. She had been a part of -Lansdell Suite- for years and is currently working on setting up a clinic of her own.