Lanzarote is a perfect spot to hangout this season
The Canary Island of Spain, Lanzarote is a perfect spot to hangout this season. If you are already on this, here we will give you some options what to do while being in Lanzarote.
Lilium: Lilium is one amongst the best restaurants in Lanzarote. The restaurant serves the best fine dining. The location where it is situated is pretty cozy that the atmosphere of this place enhances your charm to visit the restaurant again. A wide menu of dishes and wine, and other side items are offered that are mouth-watering and you really enjoy all this. Service is superb and staff behaves so well.
Cueva de los Verdes: you often view the scenes like of flowing lava cutting out from the rocks and it looks quite striking. But now, you can view such a scene not in movies or other coverage only, rather in reality. These incredible caves left the flowing lava that is ultimately emptied out to sea. Fascinating rock formation! Do not miss this attraction.
El Risco: if you find a perfect spot to have some food, then you really enjoy your day in actual means. Explore Lanzarote and then come to El Risco. Taste the great fish and wine from a big wine list with friendly service and views. Traditional seafood dishes beside the waterfront augment the food taste and your enjoyment as El Risco is located near the waterfront. It’s better to reach the restaurant at evening so you can catch the moments of sunset in blowing winds near the sonorous waves, with your love ones. You will be warmly welcomed and you will love the place.
Lagomar: an open place to public. Want to visit something unusual then what are you looking for? Simply reach this site, Lagomar. House and caves are worth a visit. House interior is simple but there is some specialty in lower garden and the gardens are fairly interesting. Enjoy hot coffee in the serene atmosphere. Must bring your camera to capture the scenes so, you can have some memories of your memorable tour.
Mirador del Rio: imagine yourself touching the heights of sky. And now come to practice your thoughts at Mirador del Rio. It is 400 meters high. It has a plenty of architectural details and artistic series to depict. The interior of this beautiful structure is superb and is decorated well. Awesome views of Lanzarote can be in your sight by reaching this site. It makes you able to have a sight on other attractions. This building is built into the rock and it is its special feature that makes it an attraction spot. You will be blown away by its beauty.
Fundacion Cesar Manrique: one definitely be a Cesar’s Manrique lover after visiting Fundacion Cesar Manrique where most of his art and work of other artists is exhibited. His words speak of his thoughts. It’s an unusual home inside bubbles left by lava. Interesting work and amazing use of space, Fundacion Cesar Manrique has a prodigious contribution to Lanzarote. It’s worth a visit.
Rancho Texas: come along with your kids and make them able to play with dolphins in the pool. See the animals, play with fish and enjoy shows. Staff is so friendly and recommends you to travel via taxi or free bus. Awesome food at reasonable price. Try to come here when weather is quite pleasant so you can enjoy much more and can enjoy the scenario in the blowing winds. Must visit the site and make your day.
Submarine Safaris: initially you find the fares bit pricey, but after going through the visit you yourself agrees with the rates being demanded. What they demand, they pay it either. Enjoy a real dive in real submarine. Your trip over here is rather interesting as well as informative. A fantastic spot that’s not to be missed.
Los Hervideros: exciting formations near the coast are to be seen if you are on an expedition to Los Hervideros. An incredible set of caves is built on which you can walk at the top and have stunning views of coastline from numerous vantage points. View the rolling waves that look spectacular. Fountains of water and spray in the lava! It’s a perfect place to explore and capture those moments. There are some fine photo angles from where if you take photos, the fine-looking sea and volcanoes of the National Park appear in the background. A fabulous spot with breath-taking scenic area and amazing rich formations.

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