Print big postcards if you really aspire to create a strong impact on the psyche of the reader. Large postcard printing is not a new concept and has slowly emerged to become the main choice for direct postcard mailing. There are a few things about large postcards you need to know before the printing process gets underway.

The first question most are confronted with is what exactly is the size of a large postcard? The size of a large postcard still happens to be pretty uncertain. 7 inch by 11 inch is the biggest standard postcard dimension. The postcard is fit enough to pass postal regulations with a minimal fee and at the same time large enough to demand impact as well. The size can be increased to a 12 inch by 12 inch postcard but an extra fee may have to be paid for the same due to increased space in the postal service. The postcards however, are definitely big and have a pretty significant effect.

Printing post cards in large sizes creates that awe inspiring impact when received by someone. One’s eyes light up the moment a large postcard is seen. A memorable postcard well received always increases the chances of the sender to pitch his case strongly.

Most Printing Services London Agencies can help you print large postcards though you have to be aware the service does not come cheap. Large postcard printing requires larger paper stocks, more ink and more cutting which at the same time should not be reasons for you to worry too much. It does not cost you a fortune to print large postcards though it may add 10 to 15 per cent more on your overall costs.

These massive cards can always be mailed through postal service. It may happen that the need arise for you to stick some additional stamps or pay an additional fee to send your custom postcards especially if you print them in a large format.

Printing Services London Companies offer various types of printing services and one of the most highly sought ones are postcards which these print in various sizes including the custom ones you request them to. You can have your large postcards printed in the size you are most fond of and have your favourite designs and images printed on them. Since the space available in the postcard would be huge you can use that to print whatever context you want to and have the desired impact.

The larger your postcard is the more creative freedom you have to experiment and accordingly can include your most cherished image or design that will help you strike a chord with the receiver. These unusually large cards because of their sheer size are used as a solid marketing tool to sell or promote a service by organizations who believe in marketing hard. Their massive size helps create a very strong impact on the reader receiving them and it only augurs well for the service being promoted via the card.

Surprise your reader by printing postcard in unusual sizes and see them impose that shock value.

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