Laser hair removal provides almost permanent solution in removing hair from our body. Many people want to get rid of the excessive body hair because they find them annoying and odd to look at. There are many temporary solutions to it like shaving waxing, etc. However, laser hair removal technique provides permanent solution. When we say permanent then we mean 80 to 90% success rate. In many cases, 100% achievement has been witnessed too. To achieve such a success, many sessions are required to get rid of the excessive hair on certain parts of our body. Thus, you can have a body like a model with the help of IPL hair removal technique or laser hair removal technique.
Permanent hair removal techniques are not devoid of side effects. Some negative aspects are associated with it. It can affect our skin. Though these occurrences are rare, still it is better to know the cons before going through the process. Some of the detrimental effects of IPL or laser hair removal technique on skin are given below:
1. Swelling and Redness of Skin
Whether it is IPL or laser, they are targeted to specific hair follicles. In many cases, it has been found out that mild to moderate rate of swelling and redness of skin are taking place around the treated follicles. These types of happenings are seen among the patients who have just gone through the treatment process. However, this should be emphasised that these types of occurrences remain for a couple of days only and not after that. If you have got such redness and swelling of skin in the treated areas then you can apply ice compresses for getting rid of it.
2. Sensations During Treatment
When laser is directed to the hair follicles then a person undergoing the treatment can feel a tingling and warm sensation on the skin.

3. Formation of Crust, Scab and Blister on Skin
It has been witnessed that blisters have formed on the skin of people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment. However, formation of these blisters is only temporary in nature and can get cured if proper treatment is taken for couple of days.

Crusting of skin is another phenomenon that can be seen in people who have undergone this laser treatment. If skin crusting has taken place on your body then you should get proper antibiotics, as per the instructions of your doctor.
Skin scabs are the third kind of occurrence on skin of people who are going through laser hair removal treatment. It is generally seen in people who have not taken care of their blisters and crusts. In advanced stage, these occurrences develop to scabbing of skin.

As a precautionary measure you should keep in mind that you should not get this treatment from unprofessional people because these are specialised techniques and should be done by experts of laser hair removal technique.

4. Change of Skin Pigment
The colour of the skin may get lighter or darker. However, change of skin pigment remains for a few weeks only.
If you are going to have cheap laser or IPL hair removal treatment then you should keep these tips in mind.

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Derick Branson is a medical writer and has been writing on laser hair removal as well as IPL hair removal techniques for quite some time. He has gained a lot of knowledge on these techniques while researching and writing on these advanced hair removal treatments. Learn more on permanent hair removal techniques from his articles.