Lash boost is a popular eyelashes enhancer, but many wonder whether it is safe or not. It uses a blend of keratin, peptides, and biotin to boost the growth of your lashes. This lash boost review will only help you decide whether it is worth its cost and whether it is safe for you to use it by providing you with information that you ought to know about it.

Before anything else, it is recommended that you carry out a test to find out whether it is compatible with your skin. To do this, you should remove any make from your face and also ensure that it is really dry and clean. Apply a small amount of the lash boost and allow it to dry before you can apply any other cosmetics. Give it about one day then observe the results. If you notice any unusual appearance, then you should know that the product is not compatible with you. However, at times your skin may need to adjust slowly to a new product. Hence it may take a few applications for it to completely get used to it. If your skin does not react to the product, then you can go on and use it.

Lash boost is easy to use as you only need to apply it to lash line every night just before you proceed to sleep. It also nourishes your hair follicles which promote new growth and more about it; it can be used as a two in one product as you can also apply it to your eyebrows.

However, this product has a high price per tube, and it also comes with a set of unclear instructions. It is not known what may happen if the product does not apply or rather, rest on the lashes evenly. It may also have some side effects depending on your skin.

These side effects are such as irritation, as the product is applied quite close to your eye, you may experience it especially after direct contact. Your eyes may also become red, and it may also lead to darkening of your lashes. If these symptoms persist, you should seek medical advice.

The deliveries of this product do not take long and proven to deliver efficient results. If you would want longer lashes, you can try this product out. It is simply a clear gel that is liquid-like, and if you can meet its price tag, you can try it out. Many people claim that it does work.

In conclusion, this lash boost review shows that the product may not be entirely proven and also has adverse side effects, but it is still really effective. The decision is up to you to make as to whether you still would want to use it or not. However, it would be wise to consider both sides of its effects, both positive and negative. Rather than using the chemicals, you could try the fake eyelashes which are a much safer method.

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