The information provided while an event or issue are happening or immediately after happening is known as Latest news. This information has been translated by the print media and electronic media. In the part of latest news capital city of India has been playing a vital role in to cover the issues in State News India. Here, these news covers over the parliament, political issues, famous places and famous personalities of Delhi. Most of the famous politician residences in Delhi to take part in solving different types of problems occurred in India, those parliament sessions also covers in State News India. The nearer state of Delhi is Punjab. The Punjab news is also covering huge information to send the nation.

Most of the news channels are concentrating the latest news over the capital city of the nation, which is State News India. There are many good locations and important places and even though seventh wonder of in the seven wonders is located at nearer the Delhi. State News India became more popular throughout the word by this seventh wonder. As the technology has been increasing day to day, peoples are browsing whichever the information in internet to get what they want through the news related web sites. Punjab news is covering their national popular songs and sports. People could change their work styles according to the latest new techniques by knowing the latest news.

There are many specialties for Punjab like dresses, dances, cultures, fertilization and more those are all coving their local Punjab News. The news will telecast all the traditional activities which are specially followed by them. By knowing the cultures of different states people can gain the knowledge and follow some of them which they like. Their popular dance is followed by all other states in India. Most of People in Punjab prefer to know the latest news in Hindi and they often speak in the same language.

The latest news is been gathered regularly by the journalist to telecast the live information to the nation. Many of the people in Punjab prefer to working as Indian administration services. It is located in North West part of India. Punjabi news is mostly useful and related to that particular state rather than other states. Most of the prominent news is been collected in Delhi as it is a decision making city of India. State News India is essential for the people of all other state in India to know the latest updates of the country related to different fields.

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