An easy and fast access to internet has surely resulted in the growth of 24 hour news websites. thus, breaking news is reported as and when it takes place. Thus, the number of reporters is also increasing. Many people who will read this article can remember a time when mobile phones weren’t invented. Only phone calls could be made from fixed landlines. Sometimes, they think that nowadays the mobiles have become a necessity. There is a possibility that everything will remain same with the devices of mobile internet. Online news has become very easy. today, all people are having mobile phones. Some samples that have gained a lot of popularity are the tablet pc’s, the notebooks and the iPad. It provides efficient and fast access to the internet.

It is predicted by a handset data traffic forecast that the data traffic will be generated by the handset 10 fold by the year 2015. Thus, there will be a 30 percent load of the global network. However, this also includes mobile internet devices and wireless dongles. The remaining 70 percent of the load will also be generated. In the next 5 years, there will surely be a growth in the traffic of mobiles due to the mobile web. Thus, the total handset traffic will be 95 percent by the year 2015.

Latest news will be provided by the internet news websites. one can take full advantage of this. Previously, there was an incorporation of these news websites by using MMS and text. Pictures and text can be sent directly to the websites for the stories of Breaking News. Some examples are the London bombing and the Tsunami in Thailand. However, people are not much enthusiastic about the operators of mobile phones. However, various efforts are involved in it. There are limitations in text as well. One is not able to write proper stories about the failures. There is recognition given to news reporters. However, the user has to pay for these privileges.

The use of internet has become widespread. There are wifi dongles, wifi and iPads. There are latest mobile phones as well. Recognition can be gained very easily by the people. Large number of internet reporters are found. News is posted on a regular basis. There is an increased usage of mobile devices along with advancement in technology. Thus, proper stories can be read by the people. Thus, online news is extremely beneficial.

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