As the world is becoming more and more advanced, a section of the global population is going back to the things of a bygone era to add that extra charm in their lives. One’s home is the first place where one wants to feel all the comforts of the world, and also, wants to gather all that is beautiful to him or her. Hardwood flooring is one such thing that brings back the grandeur and elegance of the times gone by, and is the current craze amongst posh interior designers as the next big thing in the flooring world. Glossy wooden flooring is the choice of many who wants to add that old world charm in their homes.

This elegance is provided by hardwood flooring which can also be fairly termed as glossy wooden flooring, because of the high reflection that this kind of floorings give off. If you want a unique look for your home, you should definitely choose hardwood flooring as it gives that high gloss look that imparts a sheen to all the other elements of your home as well. The options available are classic birch, oak or red oak, elegant pecan, traditional pine, and warm hickory. These species of tree have been harvested to become high-quality wooden floors, and they can produce floors that are available to consumers in more than one color. Mahogany, cherry wood, and ash are also quite popular options that are available to consumers. All these species can be installed with different kinds of finish which can range from matt, satin, low gloss, and high gloss.

These kind of wood floors are both beautiful and functional that offer homeowners an outstanding value for their money. This kind of flooring is also popular for the fact that it lasts a lifetime with proper maintenance, again, which involves almost no extra expenditure. They remain functional for a very long time if you take good care, and as it ages, it becomes more elegant adding a sophisticated air to your home. The wood that is used as glossy wooden flooring can be chosen from a wide variety of domestic or imported options. Before being installed these boards can all be cut to the same length, or they can be made in staggered lengths which help to generate a haphazard patterning in the floor, which again has its own unique charm. Hardwood floors can also be coupled with parquet or mosaic installations to give a different kind of visual effect that is again one of its kind.

The kind of gloss that these kind of flooring would produce depends on the finish that you choose. EFloor finishes are applied to hard wooden floors to make the light reflect off of the boards in a way that is visually stunning and appropriate in any kind of décor. For a low key glow, you can go for hand rubbed finishes. Without a mirror like reflection, the boards look shiny and clean which is typical for a low gloss finish. However, on the newly installed floors in most homes, medium gloss is the favorite type of shine to be used. Thus, no matter which king of glossy wooden flooring you want for your home, be rest assured that there’s a wide range of products and finishes that you can choose from.

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The writer of this article, Nash Jeo have been in the home decorating and interior business for the past 20 years and have witnessed the recent demand for gloss wooden flooring amongst home owners.