Looking for a timeless kitchen design might not work in this modern era. New designs prop out by the day. The real estate market is evolving fast with the kitchen as one of the targets for change.

Planning a kitchen renovation should be a fun activity where homeowners explore various kitchen design options. The primary focus should be on cabinets and kitchen equipment. Choosing traditional cabinetry like red kitchen cabinets is an option that can be modernized. There are great ideas that can guide your decision.

Top ideas for a modern kitchen

Bold colors

Modern homeowners are not afraid to try new color schemes. Boldness is one of the defining traits of a modern kitchen. Installing bold red kitchen cabinets is one of the ideas that you can use. Bold colors deviate from safe colors like white and gray.

Smart kitchen

How smart is your kitchen? Do you have the technology integrated into your kitchen? If you haven’t, then your kitchen is not a modern one. Modern kitchens have technological equipment that helps to make work easier. You shouldn’t just install fancy tech stuff in the kitchen. You must ensure that they are useful and help minimize energy consumption in your home.

Streamlined designs

The appreciation of symmetry in the kitchen is growing. Many homeowners consider their kitchens as places that need organization. Using the minimalistic approach, it is easy to have streamlined kitchens that show good organization in the kitchen.

Effective storage

Another main focus is the function of cabinetry. You can have trendy red kitchen cabinets that are not functional in your home. That won’t be considered modern and trendy. You need to have a blend of function and aesthetics. With such a blend, effective storage becomes the main concern. The cabinetry units are constructed with storage in mind.

Wood flooring

There is also a growing trend of using wood floors in the kitchen. It rekindles the ideas of a traditional kitchen. It is an expensive remodeling option because of maintenance. But once installed the look is amazing.

A kitchen island

Nearly all modern kitchens have kitchen islands. This trend is because of the increased use of the kitchen as a gathering place. Homeowners complement the cabinetry colors with the kitchen islands. Red kitchen cabinets should have a kitchen island with has some touches of red and probably white as the dominant color. But that decision should be based on research or advice from an interior designer.

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