When it comes to Apple, our hopes are high. Years back when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone in 2007, he stated that the technology Apple uses is ‘ahead of its time’. And the world certainly believed it. Every time when Apple announced its latest iOS (operating system) for its smart devices, iOS apps developers welcomed new features & changes that would be no less than an innovation in itself.

The latest Apple operating system iOS 6 was announced some days back and there was a lot to cheer. But iOS programmers, after testing first beta, are bit disappointed. The reason is high expectations from the giant like Apple. Although, there are more than 200 features added in this latest stuff but then are they useful? Do all such features justify the title of ‘ahead of its’ time’? It does not, certainly!

There are a few letdowns against many hopes in iOS 6 release. At times, expert iOS developers felt that the company running out of innovative ideas after using the beta version to build applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod-Touch. According to unofficial survey, a large number of programmers got disappointed with the features and so called new stuff being introduced in iOS 6 release. Let’s look at few of them…

It’s not ahead among equals!
What new Apple smart device will do with iOS 6, everybody else can do too. Having this said, this time, they din’ really stand ‘ahead of its time’. Do you think natural user interface is something out of this world? This had already become a mainstream some years back. The Siri is certainly better than others but then is it class apart in latest iOS 6? The BlackBerry, Windows and top of all, the Giant Android have most of features and apps what Apple offers.

The ‘user friendly’, ‘easy to use’, ‘simple to navigate’, ‘humanly approach’ are no longer selling points that experts think Apple should understand now.

It is not prodigious just because Apple did it
Okay, we all understand the wars between Apple and giants like Microsoft and Google. This time, Apple din’ depend on the Google license for using their Maps. Every living soul on the earth knows about the proficiency of Google Maps that powered Apple device earlier but this time, in iOS 6, Apple has its own mapping app. They call it as prettier maps but are they really prettier? Do you think this leapfrogged venture made it something great?

Furthermore, what new they came up with; Facebook integration –already done with Windows Phone 7 and HTC Sense; FaceTime over cellular –many options available already! Third party applications have been offering video callings at dirt cheap rates. So, what’s new? Where is something that Apple is known for?

It leads us by the nose
Yes! It brings a restriction and hence, it’s doubtful whether Apple wants more bucks form us. Putting the hardware limitations, it’s certainly frustrating for the users with old devices. IOS 6 release date is not yet fixed but it’s in the coming fall. This means, after a few months, there’s a waiting period of 18 more months when next iOS will be announced. If you look into the matter, as of Beta 1, the Siri does not support iPad 2. Also, if only iPhone 4 and 3GS get iOS6 then what about the 1st generation of iPad? Is there any other go than spending some bucks and purchase the new one?

There is no denial that the smart device has kept its promise most of the times by offering excellent features that were just out of the world, but not here. It is not surprising that iOS 6 apps development may not tickle the users’ fancy this time.

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Kevin is a passionate writer who loves writing on electronics, gadgets and smart devices. He is associated with IAD, a renowned offshore company for iOS application development for iPhone.