NETFLIX is the biggest premium streaming service with over millions of active subscribers from around the world. It produces all types of content in different languages for worldwide audiences as well as exclusive content for the regional audiences. This is the biggest advantage and customers who have invested their time in Netflix Original Series are bound to continue with Netflix and renew their subscription as long as Netflix delivers quality content.

Netflix has a ton of originals and continues to produce new content on top. Worldwide hits like Tiger King, Money Heist, and Stranger Things have garnered more than 64 million viewers in the first four weeks of their release according to Netflix.


With a wide variety of familiar network shows along with hundreds of original films, series, documentaries, and comedy specials Netflix is ahead of its competitors. It offers a huge library of commercial-free content that can be easily accessed across a variety of devices with different pricing options depending on the user.


Netflix also has a Mobile-only plan for ₹ 199/month which is a mobile-only subscription providing the user access to all the content on their mobile devices.


The Netflix membership is available at different plans and the customers can select a suitable membership plan according to their needs. If paying a monthly fee is difficult for you try the following methods to get the latest NETFLIX for FREE!.


Nowadays all streaming services are offering the first-time offer which gives users a free Netflix 30-day trial.

Click the button saying ‘JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH’
Select the desired Basic, Standard or Premium Netflix plan
Create the Netflix account by registering with your email address & password
Verify your email address
Select a payment method From - Credit or Debit card, Gift card, PayPal or others
Now the Netflix is set up and you are free to entertain yourself.
You will be charged only after the end of the free trial period of 30 days.

The Netflix Free Trial hack is to cancel the Netflix service before the end of the 30 day trial period and the easiest way to get Netflix for free. The trial period is free irrespective of the selected plan and will only be charged at the end of the 30 days.

While creating the account Netflix verifies your payment details and will automatically charge the appropriate amount according to the selected plan. So it is important to cancel the subscription before its end therefore make sure you set reminders marking 30 days to save the money.

This Netflix Free Trial hack helps you to avoid paying the monthly subscription fee and sometime a lucky few will get additional free trial offers for few more months within six months. Therefore make sure you check the email promotions regarding Netflix to avail possible freebies.

The users who want to continue the service will only be charged monthly and will not be asked to commit to a yearly or advance payment plan, and the users can cancel the service any time they want.


Hurry up you might be late, Netflix has launched a promotional offer that provides a free Netflix Account for the period 83 years. The world's biggest streaming platform is giving away 1000 months of Netflix subscription without any additional cost to the Netflix subscribers.

Netflix released their latest Action original movie ‘The Old Guard’ on its platform on the second week of July that has already set up for its sequel plans.

To win this offer, the streaming platform wants its users to score the highest points in the lastest videogame ‘THE OLD GUARD’ based on the newly released Action movie franchise. The offer is termed as the ‘IMMORTAL Netflix Account’ to celebrate the original show as the account will last a lifetime that is 83 years.

For playing this video game the users are directed to visit The game follows the events of ‘The Old Guard’ movie and the users play as the axe wielding immortal warrior against hordes of enemies and where the more you kill the more you score.

The one who scores the highest points of all players will be the lucky winner of the immortal Netflix account. While playing as the warrior wielding a big double-bladed axe that is one-handed Labrys the players are supposed to kill as many enemies as possible.

The game will slow down if you get hit or die in the process of killing the different enemy hordes. So users have to make sure that you are not careless with the game, always avoid taking damage, and kill the enemy hordes to score the maximum points.

The competition is available only for users in the United States and similar competitions can be expected from Netflix in the future with possible worldwide offers.


Netflix has the option of simultaneous screening and you can join a friend or family member’s Netflix account. You can ask your friends and family members to share their accounts and is a common practice among the youth.

Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, password sharing is considered a crime by the US Court of Appeals. But voluntary sharing of passwords for entertainment and streaming platforms that are safe and legal will not fall on this category.

Since the basic plan only allows one simultaneous screen at a time the user cannot share with others. Whereas standard and premium plan users can use up to 2 and 4 screens at the same time respectively. Netflix has put power in the hands of the users, giving them the option to share their accounts with others. Multiple users can create as many as five profiles in a single account therefore each one can experience Netflix based on their interests and preferences.


Netflix membership is available for free with the Vodafone Red Postpaid plan. The Vodafone Red Postpaid customers are eligible to free one-year amazon prime membership. The offers are available for Vodafone Postpaid tariff plans starting at Rs 1299 and above.

New Vodafone customers purchasing the Vodafone Red postpaid plans can also eligible for this offer and users can claim this by

Texting 'Netflix' to 199

To avail of this offer, the postpaid customers are required to complete the signup process with the Vodafone Play App and select collect the offer. The app is available in the google play store as well as the Apple App Store.


The Netflix subscription is also available for free with a variety of different plans of Airtel. This is available to all customers except add on customers and corporate plans using unlimited plans. Users of extended to select Airtel postpaid customers based on their bill plan eligibility and is only available for Rs499 or above Infinity postpaid plans.

New Airtel Thanks customers are eligible for Netflix Basic plan for 3 months and Existing Netflix users will get a credit of Rs1500 in the Netflix account, current plan will continue. The Netflix subscription fee will be charged from your Airtel monthly bill.

Visit to check eligibility.


Netflix users can avail of the free trial once again at the end of free trial with this method. In this case, you can create a new Email account and sign up for a new Netflix account with different payment details. Though I haven’t personally used this way different users have suggested they were successful. As there are multiple ways to pay for the Netflix membership users can select different payment modes for different accounts.

If you have multiple credit cards or different payment methods you can create multiple Netflix accounts and enjoy the benefits for free and make sure you play it safe. Netflix is going to crack down on this very soon and therefore users can use this method multiple times before they block it. Try to use your friends and family accounts and enjoy the perks for few more months or by creating a new one for them.

The Netflix free trial provides the same benefits as the paid members for 30 days. To avail this, offer the users must have a Netflix account registered through an Email id along with the valid credit card information. The user has the freedom to become a member or cancel the subscription at the end of the 30-day trial period.

Few lucky users will get an email asking for feedback and sometimes a message asking if you want to try the free trial offer once again. Check if the message is from the official Netflix account and click ‘yes’ in the mail and it will be redirected to your Netflix account starting another run of the trial period. This is random and not all users will be lucky enough to receive these benefits once again.

This free trial is a great option if you want to enjoy premium benefits and offers but do not want to spend money on a monthly or yearly basis or can’t afford the Amazon prime program.

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