News is a Network extensible window systems and this system has develop by sun micro systems in 1980’s. Latest world news would display a number of postscripts at a time on one screen. News includes more number of interface elements written in news. News will be presented through print, internet and more. There are different types of news like sports news, movie news, finance news, Indian political news, crime news and latest world news. News is presented by the countries like India news, China news, Asia news and more. News will be presented in any type of languages like Telugu, Hindi and other languages.

The information which is given in latest throughout the world is said to be latest world news. The world news may be any type of news like Japan had occurred with earthquake in recent days. In China the latest news is China had set sea trials of its first carrier. The latest world news gives the information of Crime News and some other. There are many channels present the news in television, internet and more. In Kerala the latest news is monsoon time of trains route comes in effect from June 10th to October 31st.

The word crime news refers to the breaking of rules or laws which is considered as a conviction. Crime also includes killing a person, kidnapping a person, robbing money or other properties which belong to some other person and beating a person without reasons. The latest world news which involves information about crimes is called crime news. This also gives information of latest news which involves conviction of person. For example, in recent times one person has attempted murder over a girl and this news also considered as crime news. Crimes have increased more in recent times and latest news involves crime news only.

Asia news is one of the continental news channels in the world. It has many cultures and religions. The latest world news which contains information about events and incidents that took place in Asia is called Asia news. By this news, we can know what is happening in the Asia. Asia news includes information about science and technology, crime news, educational systems and finance and economy strategies. It also includes information about tourist attractions present in Asia. This news also provides information of entertainment places like amusement parks, etc. and it also gives information of movies being released in different languages in different parts of the continent.

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