With only 3 adults and four kids in my friend’s family, and with a European-sized washing machine instead of the larger and faster American models, they will usually do 2 or 3 loads of laundry for a day. Just hanging it all up to dry is already quite a challenge. Forget about trying to fold it and get it into the proper cupboards. If like them, you are also perennially looking in despair at all the piles of laundry on your dining room table, then you need a better system in laundry organizing. And once you set a system in place, you will find that your mountain of a laundry will no longer be quite as overwhelming as before.

To emerge from under all the washing bonanza, you truly have to organize your laundry shelves. First and foremost, take a hard and long look at your laundry room. Do you have a proper place for everything? Have you got enough hanging rods and baskets? Is the space above the dryer and washer used efficiently and effectively? Generally, space is quite small or tight in some washing rooms, and wire shelving is a better fit because you could get more shelves in just the same space than if you were using the wooden ones. Wire shelving has the extra benefit of being open and lets the air to circulate better.

However, if you do not have any shelving at all, or not sufficient for your needs, then that is the first thing to fix and consider. You could also add some wire baskets that pile up on top of each other and allow you to easily separate and segregate various kinds of dirty clothing like stained, delicate or colored items which requires more tender loving care. So once you have run the washing machine, be sure you hang up your clothes right away then shake every item of clothing out entirely, so that you will minimize the folds and creases as much as you can.

Utilize those hanging rods as much as possible for your tops such as blouses and shirts. The less ironing, the less hassles which is better and time saving. So now it is time to assign the laundry chores. The way my friend’s family do it, they rotate the jobs every week so each and every one acquires experience with each task or chore. In their system, one kid folds all the clothing and separates it into stacks by owner, and another delivers it to each and every bedroom. You can have another option which is to have baskets for every family member.

The only chore involved is merely separating all the clothes into the baskets and place them on the laundry shelves. Once you already have your baskets and laundry shelves set in place, the laundry now has a place or space of its own and you could reclaim your dining room for its original purpose, which is eating and dining; and having quality bonding time with the whole family.

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