An emerging shift in consciousness is becoming easily recognized by more people than ever before. The Secret, and the Law of Attraction have become more common and understood by a wide variety of people worldwide. Learning how to connect with the universe has become a science to which many have become advocates and students.

There is a real cause to this new awakening and it isn't what we might think. The growing awareness is leading many to believe that we are co-creative beings with the Universe, God or whatever label we wish to place upon the Infinite and Infinitesimal Force of life.

When we practice the Law of Attraction, wonderful things can happen. Although we may believe it is our own doing, the notion is shortsighted and extremely dangerous, but not surprising in humans with an ego. Let me explain.

Ironically, the growing awareness is the result of the incessant Will of the Infinite to become expressed PERFECTLY in physical reality. It has been going on for eons and we are just beginning to recognize it today. Why?

As a collective group, we have been curiously searching for meaning to our existence, and answers to questions we deemed unanswerable. Our insatiable yearning has led us to a Truth that has ALWAYS existed. There is still much more to discover.

We have a tendency to reverse cause and effect, when we look at things from the perspective of our limited ego. We should ask ourselves this question: Why did we evolve into human beings? Was it just nature's way of creating a sentient being or is there more to it?

If we look at the lower forms of life in our physical world we see amazing beauty and harmony. I'm sure you witnessed the synchronicity in many of nature's creatures– they exist perfectly but not completely in nature.

The conundrum is that complete perfection can only be achieved by a sentient being whose WILL to understand leads to All Truth and Infinite Power, which has ALWAYS existed.

If we take a step further and agree that All Truth and Infinite Power has always existed, then we can safely say that it is the Will of the Infinite Power to become expressed perfectly in nature over time. Why else would we have evolved? Happenstance? Random acts of Nature?

Shut down that ego, my friend!

In the emerging awakening to our connection to Infinite Power, we cannot assume that it is we who are the creators. It is the Creator trying to become fully recognized and expressed in the highest form of creation. In all creatures below human beings the infinite power works THROUGH them not BY them. For this reason alone, harmony and perfection is easily seen in the lower creatures.

We, as humans, have the ability to direct the power with our human will and therefore the power works BY us. It has been in our nature to do this since we asked our first question. As we become more aware, we will eventually reach the epitome of knowledge and power–the Omega.

In previous posts, I explained that the Alpha and the Omega is a cycle that begins and ends with human possession of absolute knowledge and absolute power.

A very, very long time ago, a previous society possessed this amazing power. The lesson they learned much too late was that human will CANNOT supersede Infinite Will. Once we discover Infinite Power, we have two choices: one is to recognize it and allow it to work THROUGH us and the other is to insert human will. Human will can oppose the incessant Infinite Will to become expressed thereby create varying levels of physical disharmony.

There really is a God! Events are the effect of our mistaken beliefs.

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Author's Bio: 

Matthew Petti was born in a small rural town in New Jersey in 1955. His life and career has been fashioned and directed by an extraordinary epiphany, which occurred only a year after finishing college in 1977. His perspectives and priorities were swiftly rearranged by a sense of urgency, insight and a deep yearning to make sense of an overwhelming experience, which he could not fully understand.

While working as a technician in the casino entertainment industry, he started a locksmith service company in 1981 and developed it into a very successful security hardware and burglar alarm business by the late 80’s. Meanwhile, an unusual theory based upon his unforgettable experience emerged and became a hot topic in social and family gatherings.

A life-changing decision to walk away from his financial success, in the midst of more important personal circumstances, altered his life’s journey in the early 90’s. Within two years, he resumed a free-lance career in the technical field, which placed him on the sets of movies and commercials, TV and live entertainment in the New York’s tri-state region. It was especially fitting for Matthew to work in a profession that allowed him to see things from a unique perspective, as well as provide some free time to research his ideas.

Now, an indelible vision has become a timely and well-researched perspective guaranteed to answer questions we may have never thought to ask.