Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’ve been experiencing some of the techniques I’ve already shared for the last few days then right now you’re probably feeling better?
You may not be sure right now why you’re feeling better, but you just are…
You may have already had a little glimpse of just how powerful you really are… And depending on what tools you’ve used, you may have even dared to dream just a little…
How do you like this feeling?
How do you like thinking this way?
If you just take a moment to consider how you feel…
Then can you feel what steady progress over a few days of feeding your mind with the right sort of thoughts is like?
Now just for a few seconds…
Imagine what your life would be like if everyday you filled your mind for just 5 or 10 minutes with the right sort of thoughts and feelings… Remember the law of attraction
Can you feel how, with everyday of doing this, your life would automatically be and become better, much better?
Can you feel how good that would feel …
You may want to take a few moments to experience that feeling again, as it should feel good…
Feels good doesn’t it? – If it feels good or you feel stuck then let me know in the comments…
Today I’d like to share another sample Footstep from the course that is coming out for free in December…
Do you want to know the secret to massive change and getting ALL you want?
It’s a simple secret of the law of attraction…Which today is probably going to be too simple for almost everyone who reads it.
This is because our minds are quick to tell us we ‘know’ something which is simple. Yet our minds distract us from the fact that if we really ‘knew it’, then we would be applying it…
So is this simple secret too simple for you today…
The secret is attrition.
Attrition can help or harm, it’s just how it’s used which creates the result.
In life your enemy is failure, disappointment, frustration, defeat… Your goal is success, excitement, contentment, attainment, achievement. happiness
Failure is not defeated in one big move, success is not achieved in one big move…
These things are both created on a daily basis in the moments we live, as a way of life.
They are both created in exactly the same way by attrition.
Your ego (the voice in your head) works on keeping you safe, which ends up resulting in failure, disappointment, defeat etc.
Your ego who professes to be ‘your friend’ uses attrition to defeat your goals of success, and happiness.
It seeks to keep you safe with little sentences delivered at the perfect time and in the perfect way to keep you stuck in life.
Just when you are trying to break out of a rut it’ll knock you down by saying things like:
“If you do that you’ll fail!”
“If you do that then you’ll be worse off!”

“This won’t work and you’ll be disappointed, and you know how painful that was last time!”
“Well that’s not going to happen!”
“You should be realistic!”
“Who do you think you are, you’re not as good as them!”
“You won’t find a partner, you’ve been divorced twice already!”
“You’re not supposed to find love in life!”
“You’re destined to be sad!!!!”
“You deserve to be sad and alone!”
I’m sure you can add hundreds of awful one liners that your ego has delivered to you at the perfect time and in the perfect way so as to prevent your progress…
It’s brilliantly used attrition to keep you from achieving whatever it is you desire…
This entity, is frankly your worst nightmare… And most people don’t even know it exists.Most people wrongly assume the voice is them, as it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption… Because to assume the voice is not them, is initially ridiculous…
But imagine that, to not even know you have a real terrorist inside your mind fighting your efforts to progress your life… Whilst you’re patiently listening to its agenda and making decisions based on what it wants…
Can you imagine that, or is the voice attempting to dismiss what I’m saying as clearly ridiculous…
Can you imagine an invisible terrorist inside your own mind giving you instructions for your life… What a nightmare… Especially if you have no idea it’s there!
For some of you this will be obviously right. But for others this is a difficult one to accept… If this is difficult for you, then I suggest you do not try and believe me, but also that you do not try and consider this rubbish too… I suggest you decide to not decide for now.
This is because it is only when you have judged before the truth has become self-evident that your ego has anything to hold onto… If you decide to not judge one way or the other then you notice the voice s much more easily.
And this is the key to over powering it. Your observance of it, is its weakness.
It seeks to have you thinking that it’s you… But it isn’t.
Once you’ve woken up to the fact that this saboteur IS inside your mind, wreaking havoc with your life, in other words when it has become a self-evident truth…
Then at some point you’ll also wake up to the next fact…
That you are not the controller of your mind. The beginning of true wisdom is when you awaken to this the law of attraction… Because now you can begin to make real progress.
Buddah wrote, ‘if a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.’
Lao Tzu wrote, ‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.’
I could go on and write quotes from every spiritual teacher there has ever been and they all say that mastering control of your mind is the secret…of the law of attraction
So this should be a clear guidance to us! That we MUST learn to control our minds to achieve the success we seek and fullfill the law of attraction … But something’s missing…
Why is it that we don’t follow the wisdom of all the great teachers? Why don’t we do it?Why do we ignore the law of attraction?
Because we are not the controllers of our minds… Our minds to tell us many things, like;
‘this seems like too much work’’
‘isn’t there an easier way’
‘what if you do the work and still don’t get there’
‘ what does it actually mean?’ ’
‘It’s not exactly clear guidance is it?’
Plus a stack of other seemingly reasonable statements or questions…
Meaning our mind distracts us with a seemingly reasonable statement or question and then after we don’t find a quick and easy answer it then distracts us with something easy and pleasurable… Which we are suckers for…
Albert Einstein wrote, ‘It’s not that I’m smarter, it’s just that I stay with the problem longer.’ This was what I did to discover all I have about how our minds actually work.
So if you can stay with the problem long enough and not be distracted, then you’ll eventually arrive at the inescapable conclusion of; you’ve GOT to get back control, and fast! Then progress is finally near…
But all the time you think you have FULL control, then you are standing still, and probably going backwards.
To get full control back, your ego has to be taken apart one bit at a time and this is done using attrition and the law of attraction.
This little beastie has been growing inside your mind for years by using attrition. Butfeeding your mind daily with just 5 to 10 minutes of correct, structured thinking will dismantle it.
The problem is you’re actually at war with something in your mind, and you do not even know you’re at war!
So your opponent is using a strategy in which it makes belligerent attempts to wear you down to the point where you collapse and say you can’t be bothered to try anymore.
You think you’ve failed… No!
Your opponent has just used a strategy to win a war you didn’t know you were in!
The war is for control of your mind and the law of attraction , the prize is your life.
It is an epic battle and your enemy is relentless.
If you aren’t working on defeating it, then IT WILL defeat you.
Your enemy is a master of illusion!
You think you are fighting a battle on the outside, but you’re not. The battle is on the inside, the outside is easy to win once you have won the internal war.
Now that’s given you something to think about hasn’t it?…
Could you really have been spending your life fighting on the wrong front?
Today as we continue on this journey through your mind… There’s two things for you to do…
Firstly, I’d like you to just consider your life in an area you wish to succeed…
Think back and notice how each time you’ve attempted to progress that area that your mind has thrown doubts and worries at you… That were not helpful, but harmful…
Spend a few minutes remembering a time and really notice how the voice in your mind attempted to shoot down your dreams and aspirations.
What you are doing is shinning a light on what it does, this makes it harder for it to stay invisible the next time.
Also, I’d like you to look at when you succeeded in an area… Maybe in small things if you cannot see anything big. Do not let your lack of progress so far be a guide of what you can achieve!
Quite simply, if you think you have failed so far at getting what you want, it is because you have been attempting to do things in the wrong order, and succeeding at something is a process which can be copied, except if you do not know the right way to do it because you’ve never been shown.
So look at an area you’ve succeeded in, a small thing for example; Maybe you wanted to go out to somewhere new and potentially meet someone… Your ego threw doubts at you, but you went anyway and enjoyed it.
See how when you succeeded you were free of doubt or worry… Or, see how you had managed them.
Just spend some time today and consider what your life would be like if you were able to win the war in your mind an live with the law of attraction… As Buddha said this results in an end to suffering.
Consider this, with no baggage inside your mind holding you back, then how far could you still go?

Secondly, I’d also like you to listen to or read another 5 to 10 minutes from the first five chapters of the Bug Free Mind Process.
You can download it here if you haven’t got it already. Remember no need to do too much, just a little… Then see how you feel after you do and let me know below.
Have a great day, and I’ll be back to give you some more tools and inspiration soon.

Best wishes,

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