There is a great power in the concept of the law of attraction, which has also been expressed in terms such as ‘magnetic centre’, ‘attractive force’, ‘the power of the mind’, and many others.

The danger of the modern concept of the law of attraction (loa) is that it professes that you have incredible power, even that of God. You can bring anything to you, make anything happen, the world, and even the universe, will bend and bow to your desires.

This is in fact what the concept teaches even in the oldest reference to it that I have found, the Hermetica, which is dated at approximately 3000 years old. However, there is a warning that comes along which is the danger of wielding such power without the proper state of mind.

Imagine what you could to other and yourself if you had unlimited power to make anything happen but have not mastered your ego and developed wisdom, another hitler in the making!

Because of this danger, mastering the power is very difficult, and has a prerequisite, that of first mastering the ego. My attitude has developed after many years of great success in making miraculous things happen, and then seeing the dangerous potential of this power on other people.

This article is about the preparatory work that must be done before we can be safely entrusted with the power of manifestation, and to discuss the problems with the contemporary enthusiasm with the loa.

Let us put aside the greater dangers of how we may hurt anyone else and focus on ourselves. As we have said in the previous article; Which Is Better To Pursue; Enlightenment Or Emotional Independence, our work is in mastering the ego. The first step in that process is to stop doing things which build the ego.

The concept of the loa is that you draw things to you, making people or opportunities come to you when they otherwise would not.

My first impression is that it implies you who believes you can draw other people to you have professed that you are more important and powerful than they are, thus they will come to you rather than do what they want.

When we build our life based on concepts which increase our feeling of self-importance to often compensate for our deeper feelings of inadequacy, we become even more emotionally delicate. As soon as we are shown a flaw in our beliefs, a negative emotional reaction will take over and balance is lost.

I personally have experienced so many events in my life that to deny there are forces beyond what we see in material form would be ludicrous. The difference is that I do not feel I made things happen. Things happen all the time, the key is being able to see what is happening and take action to grab it.

It is the courage to take chances and make bold moves that people lack. It is far easier to believe that you can sit back and think, and everything will come to you. If you or anyone you know insists that this is true, please answer why all the people with the same belief have not won the lottery?

Why we lack this courage is the next question. Nothing in this world is totally independent, all things have a counterpart or preliminary cause in some form. The counterpart to courage is confidence. One cannot be had without the other.

If we want courage, we must first acquire confidence. Confidence is a byproduct of strength of character. When you know who you are and are not hiding behind some false image of yourself, you will have the confidence which makes you unshakable, and the courage to take chances and grab opportunities as they arise. Thus you do not depend on the loa or the universe to deliver cheques in your mailbox without working for them. Rather, you will take the necessary action to earn the money you desire step by step, or approach the person sitting at the next table in the cafe who you feel attracted to.

The bigger one’s ego, the less confidence one will have. The principle is simply that the more you try to present yourself as something you are not, even subconsciously, the more fear you will have of being caught out and embarrassed. Thus you will not have the confidence to open your heart and try without fear of failure or rejection. You may not know this is what you are doing, but your confidence is the test and proof.

Being emotionally independent is required to being a wise risk taker. What do you have to lose? Your money? If you made it once, you know you can make it again. Your ego by being rejected? If you do not have a big ego, there is nothing to reject, and like a cloud, you just move on without being damaged.

The loa in the way it is often followed builds the ego into thinking you can make anything happen just by your thought. I agree that our thoughts are immensely powerful, however the fail safe is that the ego must first be mastered. Without that mastery, success in manifestation is rare.

In our school we work on mastering the ego, which brings equanimity and emotional independence. With that, we can use wisdom to know how to use our mind and the loa in harmony which means knowing the difference between what I made happen and what just happens that I happen to be around and grab.

Life is not happening to you, you are just in the middle of the ocean and must navigate the storms and the calm seas equally in order to get to your destination safely. Nature creates the weather, the wise person knows how to flow along with the weather and events of life rather than think that it is all created just for you. If you believe it is for you by your own power, the results are either a very big ego or depression by feeling the world is just out to get you, depending on how things work out.

Our thoughts are indeed the cause of many events in our life, but how this process happens is very important to understand if you want to change your life. Anger is known to blind a person from seeing reason, fear can paralyse, Love can inspire, feeling supported by good friends can build confidence and depression is a powerful excavator of deep, dark holes.

It is not that we bring things to us, but rather that we must focus our mind and cultivate awareness by on a particular thing, and with humility, gratefully jump to accept what good fortune flows our way, or dodge dangers.

Make your mind strong and ego mastered in being the iron that flows to the magnet rather than seeing yourself as the magnet which controls the universe and you will find the loa begins to work more consistently in your life, for good things and not bad. Even if you do not get what you want, you will find that you will gain a lot more respect from other people.

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