The simple definition of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like.

A wordier description is that humans attract into their lives experiences and circumstances based on their thoughts – negative thoughts produce negative results and positive thoughts produce positive results.

The Law of Attraction has been glamorized by marketers as the magic formula to create anything you want in your life. “Want a new car?”, they ask. “Just implement the Law of Attraction and the next thing you know the car will be sitting in your driveway.”

And, of course, they will sell you a book or program so you can learn all about the Law of Attraction.

What they don’t tell you, or don’t understand, is that the Law of Attraction is actually a secondary law. The Law of Vibration controls what we attract and the results we create in life. The Law of Attraction is secondary to the Law of Vibration.

We aren’t interested in the marketer’s version of the Law. We want to focus on how the world actually works relative to human thought.


The Law of Attraction has been around for a long time.

Some would say since Babylonian times almost 4,000 years ago. Hammurabi, a Babylonian king, had a vision of uniting the independent cities of Babylon into a cohesive empire. He took action on his vision and led Babylon into its golden age.

The Bible has a number of stories demonstrating the Law of Attraction. Most notable is Moses’ vision of the Promised Land and how his unwavering faith and actions culminated in the manifestation of his vision.

When we jump forward to modern times there are several notable people who practiced and taught the Law of Attraction – among them are Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Gandhi, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor.


The Law of Attraction is always working – it is just like the law of gravity – we can’t turn it off or on.

The Law of Attraction works in both directions – positive or negative.

Because we are constantly attracting circumstances into our lives and the Law works in both directions, the only question is whether we attract positive or negative into our lives.

When we allow our thoughts to be negative we attract negative – if we think positively we attract positive – that is how the Law of Attraction works.

It is up to us to choose whether we focus on positive or negative thoughts.


Everything in the Universe is vibrating on the atomic level. Nothing is at rest.

“We live in an ocean of motion.” ~Bob Proctor

The keyboard I am typing on, the desk my elbows are resting on – although they appear to be solid, they are, in fact, vibrating. If we focused an electron microscope on these “solid” objects we would see that they aren’t solid at all. At the atomic level they are mostly empty space with electrons whizzing around at the speed of light.

And the human body is no different – it too is vibrating.

So our mind and body are vibrating, and the frequency of this vibration determines what we attract into our lives and the results we produce in our lives.


All of the programming we have received in life resides in our subconscious mind. This collection of ideas and habits is called our paradigm. Our paradigm controls almost everything we do in life and it controls the frequency at which our body vibrates.


Our frequency of vibration determines what we will attract into our lives. We can only attract circumstances and people that vibrate on the same frequency that we do – like attracts like.

Our frequency of vibration also determines our behavior – our actions – and it is through our behavior that we produce results in our life.


When we want to change our behavior and our results, we have to start by changing our vibration.

The exciting part of this process is that once we change our vibration we automatically attract the things we desire and produce the results we want. The challenge is changing the frequency of vibration.

There are only two ways we can change our paradigms and our vibration:

1) A sudden emotional impact

2) Constant spaced repetition

The sudden emotional impact doesn’t happen very often and it is usually negative. Think of an event like 9/11 – that was an emotional impact. Waiting for something like this to occur and hoping that it will change us in a positive way is not a very good success strategy.


Constant spaced repetition, however, is something that all of us can do. All it requires is that we repeatedly impress upon the subconscious mind the new paradigm that we want to operate from. My website is filled with tools designed to do just that:

• Create your ideal life description
• Identify and set Type C goals
• Create Mind Movies
• Practice meditation
• Practice visualization
• Use affirmations & positive self-talk

When you are ready to invoke the Law of Attraction for positive change in your life, open up this toolkit and create your ideal life.


Here’s the short and sweet version of the material we just covered:

• The Law of Attraction has a long history with numerous notable users
• The Law of Attraction is always working
• The Law of Attraction works for positive or negative
• Everything in the Universe vibrates, including the mind and the body
• The frequency at which we vibrate determines what we will attract in life – like attracts like – we attract into our lives the situations and circumstances we vibrate in harmony with
• The actions we take in life are determined by the frequency at which we vibrate
• To permanently change the results we are getting in life we have to change our vibratory frequency
• Constant spaced repetition is the most reliable way to change the subconscious mind and alter the vibratory frequency

Author's Bio: 

Bryan received an early introduction to self-development and the powers of the human mind when his parents took him to a Silva Method of Mind Control training as a pre-teen. During his teen years he studied the works of many human-potential masters – Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar and others. Applying success principles to his studies, Bryan earned a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with honors.

Bryan has immersed himself in personal growth material and training throughout his adult life. He has participated in numerous seminars and workshops with PSI Seminars, Robert Allen, Tony Robbins and the Silva Method. In 2016 Bryan began an intense study of the Law of Attraction and focused on Bob Proctor's work in this arena. He discovered that Bob has an in-depth knowledge of universal laws and how people can best operate in harmony with those laws. Bob's logical explanations of the laws and how the human mind functions appealed to Bryan's analytical nature. Deciding to share Bob's work with others, Bryan became a consultant for the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a facilitator of PGI's Thinking Into Results program.

With his deep background in self-development principles, Bryan helps his clients achieve their deepest desires and goals. When you are ready to create the life you have been dreaming of, let Bryan and the Thinking Into Results program show you how.