Desire is both healthy and natural. The most natural thing we can do is to have a desire. Desire is the impulse and intention that propels the entire Universe. Quantum Physics and Spiritual teachers are all telling us that the nature of the Universe and the nature of God is ever expanding, boundless. And the nature of God is boundless in love, creation, freedom, joy, compassion and so on.

If love makes the world go round and I believe it does, then DESIRE is the fuel to the engine!

I remember many years ago when I was first learning about desire and attraction and Universal Energy. One really big point that was not made clear to me was the point of “unresisted” desire. That is to say, I didn't learn how to have a desire that is in the energy of really loving, appreciating and expecting to have what I desired. Certainly, I wanted plenty of things in life, it's just that I had some resistance to having what I wanted. And I wasn't aware of the resistance. Therefore, I had resisted desire. I believed that you had to struggle and work really hard and for a long time for everything. I believed you had to prove yourself worthy of practically everything in life. Comprehending unresisted desire can be very difficult; to help you understand how to truly align your energy with the Universe, a Law of Attraction Coach may be of great help to you.

I started to hear all about how we could align with the energy of the Universe, or God energy and that God wanted us to have every good thing. That sounded really good to me. In fact, in my heart of hearts I knew that God truly wanted me, and all of his creations to thrive and be outrageously happy. After all, that's the very nature of God, I thought. But I never really heard about HOW to receive or line up with what I wanted in a way that allowed it to be my life experience. I desired Law of Attraction Relationships and to connect at the highest levels with someone I could love unconditionally.

Learning how to be in alignment with your desires is what makes manifestation easy. Being in alignment is the same as feeling worthy of having what you want. It's the same as having no judgments about having it, being free from other peoples' opinions about you having it, and being without any internal dialogs about what it means to have what you want.

It doesn't matter if that desire is lots of money, a loving relationship, or physical well-being. You were born worthy. From the point of view of Universal Intelligence, this was never in question. Relationship Attraction is one of the many reasons people first gain interest in the Law of Attraction.

The best way to get clear about your Desire is to find ways of feeling what it will be like to already have what you want. Feel the ease, joy, freedom and gratitude of having what you want. When you ease into the feeling mode, you're access the vibration of attracting what you want. You are like attracting like. Now you have the Law of Attraction working for you.

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