If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction you’ve heard of the term, “allowing.” It basically is the art of allowing your creation to manifest without you toiling to make it happen.

In a world where we are taught that action creates, it is hard for a lot of us to just allow anything, let alone something we really want. This is where our “Where is it?” frustration comes from. You did what you were suppose to do…you asked, you imagined and you are trying to allow, so why hasn’t it happened yet?

Here are three new ways to think of the idea of allowing that will help you to master this crucial step in the creation process…

1 – Allowing IS the action you are suppose to take once you complete the conscious creation experience. Of course you have to take physical action, we’ll get to that in a moment, but allowing is action as well. Basically you can either choose to resist what you want by doubting its arrival, or you can choose to allow it by being open to its arrival. Either way, you are taking action. So ask yourself, “Am I choosing to allow, or am I choosing to resist what I want?” Be willing to be aware of the action you are choosing in any moment so that you can continue to choose to allow.

2 – Allowing is taking inspired action, not just any action. This is the physical action to take. For example, one of my clients wanted to create more money so he accepted that he was experiencing lack and was open to new ideas. He remembered season tickets he had and was inspired to find out how much they might be worth. He checked on-line and found that they were worth more than he ever imagined. Soon after he sold them and was able to use that money to create more new experiences. Sometimes your inspiration might seem out of left field, the trick is to be willing to take it anyway and see where it takes you.

3 – Remember, your state of being is creative cause, so allowing is being willing to be aware of your state of being so you can accept it. Acceptance = Allowing. The action you will be inspired to take will come from your state of being of acceptance. When you accept that you are experiencing doubt, or disappointment, it is the acceptance of these states of being that continues to allow your creation to manifest.

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Doreen Banaszak, author of, “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Now” has coached clients into new careers, careerists into entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs into new businesses, and spiritualists into higher levels of spirituality by teaching them how to be the conscious creator they are.